CUP Designer – Hazel Kinvig-Paul

Today I’ve decided to highlight some of the cards I’ve made using designs put up on CUP by Hazel Kinvig-Paul. I’ve made cards with several of her designs and have picked five cards featuring both the usual types of designs you print on your printer and then cut by hand, as well as designs to be cut using a CraftROBO, to show off this time.

1Square Leaf & Flower Window Card  2Scroll Plaque  3Octagonal Flower Window  4Butterflies & Clematis Theatre Fold  5Scalloped S Card & Oval Lattice

  1. Square Leaf & Flower Window Card (No way I would attempt to cut out this design by hand – and I bet many of you are the same – but with my trusty CraftROBO it is easily done with the cutting file.  I purposely kept this card simple, just putting some glitter card behind, but the cut design could be inked or chalked; it could be mounted onto mirror card, or iridescent paper; it could be matted and layered as a topper onto a larger card.  Lots of imaginative ways it could be used.)
  2. Scroll Plaque (Another CraftROBO .gsd file that produces something that would be impossible for me to cut by hand.  It makes a great topper on a card and can be used for an image or a greeting.)
  3. Octagonal Flower Window (This is a design that is handy to have in your craft library as, if you print it onto card, there’s no need to go looking for a separate base card to stick it on – it’s just print, cut and fold, with the added advantage of blank greetings panels and some additional flowers that are easy to cut for you to decoupage as well.)
  4. Butterflies & Clematis Theatre Fold (Another design sheet that can be just printed onto card, cut and folded, although you could cut out each panel and mount onto a different card for a different border effect between the panels.  I love the lace and clematis on this card and think it would make a lovely”Get Well Soon” card as well as a birthday card.)
  5. Scalloped S Card & Oval Lattice (This is another CraftROBO .gsd cutting file design, this time for an interesting shaped base card.  I kept this card very simple by using another cutting file for flower shapes and cutting them out of different colours of the same textured card-stock for decoration.)

A talented designer for both CraftROBO .gsd cutting files and more traditional design sheets, Hazel has of late uploaded lots of stunning background papers to CUP.

You can see this designer’s design sheets by clicking – here
(She’s got over 800 items listed.)

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Card Maker’s Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top box to see the cards.)