New Look CUP! Time To Check It Out!

After a long wait, and lots of hard work on the part of the team at CUP HQ, the new version of craftsUprint is -> HERE!!

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!>

Sure, there are a few teething problems, as you’d expect with a new version of any site during the first few days after change over, but I’ve found the new site to be working quite well, and much slicker than the previous version.  The navigation is looking to be very intuitive to use as well.

So why don’t you go and have a look, and browse around the new look site, to see what you think?

I think it’s a great place to buy a variety of different designs, giving customers the opportunity to try out different card styles as well as scrapbooking and knitting.  There’s a good, and growing, section of digital cutting files for my favourite cutting machine – the CraftROBO (click here to see posts I’ve made highlighting cards created using the CraftROBO) – as well as other cutting machines.

One change is that “Registered Card Makers” are now called “Crafters”.  If you’ve looked at my “Card Maker Gallery” in the past, where pictures I’ve uploaded of items I’ve made with specific sheets/kits bought from CUP were displayed, you will see some difference.  If you click -> HERE – you will see that there are cosmetic changes to how the page is displaying, with both favourite design sheets chosen by each crafter as well as the crafter’s own completed work appearing in an area called “Crafter Showcase” below the top two panels.  (The first panel being a photo and details about the crafter and the second panel showcasing the “Item of the Moment as selected by …” the Crafter.)

Favourite add on things are still on the site, such as:

The Crafty Bob Treasure Hunt – where Crafty Bob goes off to hide somewhere within the site and the first person to find him wins “The Bobpot” which currently stands at around £280.  Click -> here  – to read more.

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!

 Bob’s Bingo – this bingo game is open to anybody who has placed an order with craftsUprint.  Send in the E-mail address you used when ordering and a Bingo Card (valid for all games) will be E-mailed to you.  Numbers are drawn every 2 hours, day and night, and posted up on the CUP website -> here.

 I’ve not been lucky enough to win anything at the Bingo or to find Crafty Bob yet but, who knows, one day!

With fine tuning of the new CUP site still taking place, please be patient if you do experience any difficulties viewing any pages or placing orders.  And with even more features, such as the sale of completed cards, not just the digital design sheets and kits to make cards, planned for the future, the site is growing as well.  So do pop back to the site regularly to see what CUP has to offer.

Remember that ordering from CUP is safe as they have lots of security features in place. CUP may be based in the UK, but its Designers, Crafters and customers come from all over the world due to the international nature of the Internet and the digital nature of the products it sells.  And if you ever do have a problem then they have an “online ticket system” that you can use to contact them.

I think that CUP is a great facility available to crafters, allowing us to buy, and build up a library, of digital images in a variety of styles, whereas CD-ROMs (of which I have many favourites) tend to focus on specific themes of images or styles of cards.

HINT – please remember to create your own backups of digital files you buy online somewhere off the computer/Laptop.  You will need them to re-install if you ever have a computer failure or buy a new one.