Dydd Gwyl Dewi – St David’s Day (1st of March)

Not long now until St David’s Day – a day to celebrate the life of St David, the patron saint of Wales (but also the patron saint of doves and poets), and a day to celebrate all things Welsh.

St. David (or “Dewi Sant” to us in Wales) lived around 1500 years ago.  A long time indeed.  So this is another saint who’s exact history is open to question with regards to some specifics.  Wikipedia has his history like this; the BBC has information here.

1Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Daffodil  2Dove Iris Folding Pattern  3Wales Design  4Daffodil Cutaway Card Sheet 1  5Welsh Mini Cooper Decoupage On Welsh Flag

  1. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Daffodil by Judith Flavel (These easy-position pyramid designs are easy to cut out, being a simple circle, and easy to position as each layer has an embossed look line where the next layer should be.)
  2. Dove Iris Folding Pattern by Margaret Jones (With simply one strip of yellow paper for the beak I made the rest of this dove using silver mirror paper strips.  Cutting out the outline of this card was a bit tricky but I’m glad a persevered.)
  3. Wales Design by Deborah Davies (An easy to cut pyramid together with a paper ribbon strip, a blank greetings panel and an assortment of greetings panels.)
  4. Daffodil Cutaway Card Sheet by Sarah Edwards (An interesting design that requires two sheets to be printed back to back, but it is only straight cutting involved so nothing really intricate.)
  5. Welsh Mini Cooper Decoupage On Welsh Flag by Nick Bowley (Not all straight cutting for this decoupage card so some with dexterity problems could have some difficulty.  It’s not the most intricate I’ve done, but is a bit fiddly round the back wheel arch.)

The daffodil (cennin Pedr) is seen by many as being as much of the emblem of Wales as the leek (cennin) is, but the dove (colomen) also has a close link with St David, being the bird that was said to come down and rested on him when the ground rose beneath him allowing the large congregation to see and hear him at the synod.  The origins of the Flag of Wales (Baner Cymru) are also a bit lost in history as well and many would, I’m sure, be amazed that it wasn’t officially recognized as the Welsh national flag until 1959 – again some history has been put up on Wikipedia and any other sites on the Internet.

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