Teddies and other Bears

A big favourite with many a child, both young and old, is a Teddy Bear.  In this blog post I’m going to highlight an assortment of cards featuring bears that I’ve made during the last year.

1MY BEST FRIEND  2http://www.craftsuprint.com/default.cfm?bigpic&id=8211&r=231748  3Teddy Bear Out and About Large Card Front Design Sheet  4BRANDY BEAR GOES FISHING decoupage  5Screwdriver bear

  1.  MY BEST FRIEND by Val Ramon (The sheet I used to make this card is full of simple little toppers.  Some seven having teddies on and a few having flowers.  Great for making lots of quick and simple cards, especially if you want to batch make for selling.)
  2. Cute teddy with strawberries spring card by Ammie Sanders (This card is all included on the one design sheet, so no need to find a base card if you print onto card.  It’s all straight line cutting and scoring, so is very easy to make.)
  3. Teddy Bear Out and About Large Card Front Design Sheet by Mandy Russell (A card front to quickly make a card.  It comes with two round pyramid layers and a couple of greetings tags.  As you can see, I’ve left the greetings panel blank for the time being until I know who will be the recipient and whether it’s for a Birthday, Get Well, or other occasion.)
  4. BRANDY BEAR GOES FISHING decoupage by Janet Briggs (This decoupage does have some fiddly pieces, such as the fish and nose, to cut out, but don’t think that, just because the pieces are there, you have to use them all. If you like the image, but can only manage some of the layers or items, then just add some and not all.)
  5. Screwdriver bear by Julie Green (This is an easy to cut, straight edged, pyramage topper.)

1Male Bears oval Folded Pop Out Card  2Love Bear Pyramid  3Teacher Card4Robert’s Flowers Easy Over the Edge Card n spiral pyramid   5New baby quick card front

  1. Male Bears oval Folded Pop Out Card by Sheila Rodgers (Cutting the white areas out from between the ovals and the main card frame can be fiddly, it depends how bad your dexterity problems are.)
  2. Love Bear Pyramid by Rebecca Brindley (This sheet is an easy to cut, oval, pyramid with one greetings panel and one blank greetings panel.  I used the co-ordinating insert and backing sheet to make this card.)
  3. Teacher Card by Deborah Davies (This is a decoupage sheet and therefore involves cutting out around items.  It was one of my “on a good day” projects so probably won’t be suitable with people with big dexterity problems.)
  4. Robert’s Flowers Easy Over the Edge Card n spiral pyramid by Carol Clarke (An easy twisted pyramid design with only straight cutting involved and all the elements are included on the sheet, so if you print onto good quality card-stock you don’t need to go looking for a base card or other items.)
  5. New baby quick card front by Sharon Poore (An easy to cut quick card front with straight edged topper.  The sheet also has some more intricate little items you can cut out and add as you wish.)

As you can see, bear cards can be used for so many people for so many occasions.  It depends what they are doing in the image.  e.g. Two teddies together – my best friend; Teddy fishing – retirement but also birthday for a fisherman; Love bear – valentine but also anniversary from husband to wife; Screwdriver teddy – thank you for doing some work, birthday for a carpenter; etc., etc.  Don’t think that teddies are just for children, and don’t think that just because they’ve been used once for one type of occasion that they are not flexible – they can be used in so many different ways.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)