Last Day of the “BOB” CUP Discount Code!!! Wish List, etc.

Have you had your update E-mail giving you the discount code for use on CUP?  20% off your total order value is a nice little discount I think.

No time to write lots today – I’m off to look through my Wish List to pick out a few more sheets to buy before the discount code ends.

The Wish List is a great new feature in the newest version of the craftsUprint website. When you have registered with craftsUprint and have a Crafter account you can log-in and start browsing all the designs available to buy and download digitally.  Now, not only do you see an “Add to Cart” button but you also see an “Add to Wishlist” link beneath it. Click on that and the design is added to your Wish List so that you can go back to it through your Control Panel and buy when you’ve got either enough designs selected, or money, to place an order.

With me it’s a case of way too many designs in my Wish List to be able to afford with the money I have available.  CUP has such a great choice of designs for crafters that can be digitally downloaded straight to my Laptop it’s difficult to keep the total number in my Cart down. Definitely spoilt for choice!

Here are just a small number of cards I’ve made using digital designs downloaded from CUP:

Blue Butterfly Waterfall  PARROT OVER THE EDGE CARD  Biscuit the Foal  Celtic Valentine Heart, Satin ‘n Lace Card Front in LilacDove Iris Folding Pattern

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Card Maker’s Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top box to see the cards.)