Mother’s Day Cards (3-4-11)

Mum Layered Card
Mum Layered Card
(cutting file by Tina Fitch)

The next big event as far as cardmakers are concerned is Mother’s Day, which is in a months time.

Mothering Sunday, also known as Mother’s Day, is celebrated in many countries around the world, but it isn’t celebrated on the same day in all countries.  In the UK it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent.  This means that this year we are celebrating on the 3rd of April.

There are as many, if not more, reasons and histories for the day as there are different dates it is celebrated on.  A search of the Internet will bring up a whole host of information.  You can see what Wikipedia has to say -> here.

Mother’s Day these days is celebrated by the giving of a card and some little gift, quite possibly a handmade gift, to our mothers and even grandmothers.  Mother’s may also be given other little treats, such as breakfast in bed or being taken out for Sunday lunch.  There are lots of different little Mother’s Day traditions in different families.

There follows a few suggestions of designs you could use to make cards for Mother’s Day from, or you could click ->  here – to see lots of other items available on craftsUprint that you could use.

1Pamper Yourself Twisted Pyramid  2Meerkat Mum & Babies 3D decoupage  3Mummy duck and ducklings Pyramid Sheet  4Stunning Sunset Wavy Side Stacker  5A Place To Relax

  1. Pamper Yourself Twisted Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers (Perhaps you could make up this card and give your mother a voucher for a pampering day with it.)
  2. Meerkat Mum & Babies 3D decoupage by Liz Harrison (A lovely image of a meerkat mother with her little ones.  I made this card for my mother last year and she likes it so much it is still displayed on her bookshelf.)
  3. Mummy duck and ducklings Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (Another lovely image, this time of a duck with her young which would make a nice card for a mother who often says “I’d swear I had half a dozen, not just two/three”.)
  4. Stunning Sunset Wavy Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (Is Mother’s Day the only day in the year when somebody else does the dishes and she can go out and watch the sunset?)
  5. A Place To Relax by Sheila Rodgers (Who tells their mother on Mother’s Day – “Just go sit and relax and I’ll see to lunch”?)

1Just Roses Twisted Pyramage sheet  2Hedgehog Cut and Fold Card  3Alternative book card  4For a chocolate lover  5Robert’s Flowers Easy Over the Edge Card n spiral pyramid

  1. Just Roses Twisted Pyramage sheet by Carol Clarke (Flowers are firm favourites whatever the occasion and this card would be a lovely one to give to a mother, especially with a nice big bunch of red roses to go with it.)
  2. Hedgehog Cut and Fold Card by Carol Clarke (This cute little hedgehog is holding a pot of flowers so would go nicely with a gift of flowers for a mother.  I’ve added the matching Hedgehog Quick Card Twisted Spiral Side Stacker to decorate this card, but the cut and fold card could be used as it is for a nice and easy quick card.)
  3. OPEN BOOK by Clive Couter (I made this as an alternative Open Book to the one shown on the design’s page, cutting it out of three different but complementary designs and just decorating with an oval panel with flowers on.  It is standing on a Book or Card Stand also cut from a card printed with the same design using another cutting file I bought via CUP.)
  4. For a chocolate lover by Linda Whittles (Is your mother a chocolate lover?  Perhaps you are even giving her a gift of chocolate for Mother’s Day?  Then a card with some chocolate on it would be a nice touch to go with your gift.)
  5. Robert’s Flowers Easy Over the Edge Card n spiral pyramid by Carol Clarke (I think that this is a sweet little card for a young boy to give to his mother, perhaps with a bunch of hand picked flowers.)

Most of these cards were quite easy to cut out, having only straight or wavy edges.  The two that involved a bit more cutting were the meerkats and the chocolate ones.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafters Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see my cards.)