CUP Designer – Judith Flavel

Today I’ve decided to highlight some of the cards I’ve made using designs put up on CUP by Judith Flavel. I’ve made cards with several of her designs and have picked five cards to show off this time.

1Biscuit the Foal  2Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Daffodil  3Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Contented Cat  4Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Gerbera  5Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Waratah

  1. Biscuit the Foal (A lovely image in an easy to cut and put together twisted pyramage style.  This card is sure to be a hit with anybody, of any age, who loves horses.)
  2. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Daffodil (Being Welsh the daffodil is an important flower to me and this is a lovely example that makes up a great little card.)
  3. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Contented Cat (This one is for the cat lovers and like the previous card is easy to make.)
  4. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Gerbera (This is a realy bright, cheerful, card that’s sure to cheer somebody up, so would be nice as a Thinking Of You or a Get Well Soon card, or for lots of different occasions.)
  5. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Waratah ( This is a rather exotic bloom that I’m not familiar with, so of course I did a search of the Internet to find out about it and found this link.)

You will notice that each of the cards I’ve made using design sheets created by Judith use photographic images but she does have other styles of images within her design sheets as well.

You can see this designer’s design sheets by clicking – here
(She’s got over 550 items listed.)

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)