CUP Designer – Margaret Jones

Today I’ve decided to highlight some of the cards I’ve made using designs put up on CUP by Margaret Jones. I’ve made cards with several of her designs and have picked five cards featuring mostly iris folding designs to show off this time.

1Dove Iris Folding Pattern  2Strutting Horse Iris Folding Pattern  3Penguin Iris Folding Pattern  4Clown with Cake -Easy Card Front with decoupage  5Duck Iris Folding Pattern

  1. Dove Iris Folding Pattern (Not the easiest of apertures to cut out because of going round the feathers, but once I got into the rhythm of cutting round the feathers it wasn’t too difficult, but it was a “good day” project for me.)
  2. Strutting Horse Iris Folding Pattern (This was the most fiddly of the iris folding patterns I’ve used.  The narrow areas around the legs and hooves were quite fiddly.)
  3. Penguin Iris Folding Pattern (Probably the easiest to cut out of the four iris folding patterns used to make the cards on this page.  I used a googly eye to finish off this penguin.)
  4. Clown with Cake -Easy Card Front with decoupage (A fun card for a child’s birthday.  You can cut out and decoupage as many or as few pieces as you want  I missed out a few.)
  5. Duck Iris Folding Pattern (Not a particularly difficult aperture to cut out.  I used a googly eye to finish off this duck as well.)

Although I’ve happened to have made lots of iris folding patterns created by Margaret, she does make lots of other design types, so click through to have a good look.

You can see this designer’s design sheets by clicking – here
(She’s got over 480 items listed.)

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Card Maker’s Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top box to see the cards.)