Father’s Day Cards (19-6-11 in the UK but various other dates around the world)

You may be wondering why I’m posting in my blog about Father’s Day so early in the year when it doesn’t get celebrated in the UK, USA, and many other country until the third Sunday of June, which this year falls on the 19th of June.  But if you check out the dates information here ->  Wikipedia –  you will see that in Spain and a few other countries, it is being celebrated in a few days time on the 19th March.  Wikipedia also has a short history of the day as well which you can read by clicking -> here.

So, wherever in the world you live, there’s a good chance that Father’s Day is celebrated in one form or another at some point in the year.  With that in mind I’ve been looking through the cards I’ve made using designs I’ve bought from Craftsuprint to pick out a few that I think would be suitable for the occasion, bearing in mind that what would be suitable for one father may not be for another.

1Dad’s King Of His Castle  2Sporty Car Card Front  3Vintage Car Pyramid  4Best Dad - Father’s Day  5Highland Cattle Pyramid

  1. Dad’s King Of His Castle by Deborah Davies (There’s some fiddly cutting out with this card, mostly around the crown – I cut off the top blobs and just cut the zigzag top – and between his legs on one layer.  Other than that the cutting is easy due to the “chunky” nature of the design.  Great for a father, but also for young boys on their birthday when they get treated special.)
  2. Sporty Car Card Front by Amy Cummings (A card front with pyramid topper layers that are easy to cut out.  The design sheet comes with a variety of matching greetings panels so can be used for other occasions, not just father’s day.  This car is probably more suitable for the younger father.)
  3. Vintage Car Pyramid by Linda Whittles (An easy to cut and make pyramid card.  This time the car is more vintage and may be more suitable for on older father or grandfather.)
  4. Best Dad – Father’s Day by Dawn Hill (Although not a completely straight edged design all the layers of this topper are easy to cut out and make a nice dimensional card.)
  5. Highland Cattle Pyramid (The father the card is for may be a farmer, or likes the countryside, so some cattle, like this card, or other farm animals on a card may be ideal for him.  This card is a straight edged pyramid making it easy to make.)

1Chimpanzee 3D decoupage with background  2Fisherman slider  3Gone Fishing!  4Centurian pyramid  5Stunning Sunset Wavy Side Stacker

  1. Chimpanzee 3D decoupage with background by Liz Harrison (Perhaps it’s not farm animals that interest the man who’s to receive the card.  Perhaps he’s permanently watching the wildlife programs on the TV.  This is a decoupage topper, with a backing element, so the various layers that make up the chimp image are more fiddly than toppers such as pyramids to cut out, but in this case the body parts are mostly rounded so are not too difficult.)
  2. Fisherman slider by Kristin Guyer (The most intricate thing to cut out on this card is the fish.  A craft knife and a ruler work best for cutting out the slot that the fish slides along and of course the main image is simply straight cutting.  A card with some movement that’s great for a father who’s a fisherman.)
  3. Gone Fishing! by Angie Palmer (Straight edge cutting only for this sheet that includes two backing elements and lots of greetings panels.  A totally different fishing card to the previous card.)
  4. Centurian pyramid by Chris Harland (Straight edged pyramid for cutting and the sheet comes with greetings panels for Father’s Day and Birthday.)
  5. Stunning Sunset Wavy Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (The wavy edge of the side stackers gives a lovely effect but isn’t too difficult to cut out.  This sort of image can be used for so many occasions and there’s no reason for a sunset or sunrise not to be used for a Father’s Day card.)

There are a huge amount of other designs suitable for Father’s Day on CUP.  You can browse around them by clicking -> here.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafters Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see my cards.)