More Of My Latest Creations – March 2011

It isn’t just cards this time.  I’ve also used backing sheets to make a bag and a different shaped box, as well as making a card a base card with one printed onto card and printing a second copy to cut into flower embellishments.  Here are the latest items I’ve made:

1Mini Baby Bottle - Folded Cards - Green and Blue  2Horse Rearing - Pyramid  3Soft Pink Bed of Roses - Background Paper  4Check Design 1 in Purples  5Dusky Blue Flowers Backing Paper

  1.  Mini Baby Bottle – Folded Cards – Green and Blue by Julene Harris (These cute little mini baby bottles are great as a little card or as an embellishment on a larger card.  They could even be used as tags on a gift for a newborn.  They are easy to cut out as well.  The additional bow elements are a bit more fiddly, but you don’t have to use those if you don’t want to.)
  2. Horse Rearing – Pyramid by June Young (A card with a stunning image of a rearing horse that’s easy to cut out and make.  The base image can be stuck on a card the same size as a straight card front or, as I’ve done, stuck onto a larger card as a topper.  As the base image contains a framed image of the horse with a larger area around a matted layer isn’t necessary to have the effect.)
  3. Soft Pink Bed of Roses – Background Paper by Julene Harris (I used this backing sheet, printed out twice on good quality paper, to make this gift bag.  Not difficult to make and saves pounds on buying gift bags at the shops.  Another nice way to use backing papers.)
  4. Check Design 1 in Purples by Sheila Rodgers (I made this simple pyramid box using a template from a MCS CD.  It is held together by the two square rings pushed down and has no glue The check design makes this suitable to give a little gift to a man.)
  5. Dusky Blue Flowers Backing Paper by Katy Kinsey (Both this box and card were made using templates from the MCS CD.  It’s the same box as the previous item but this time a more female version.)

1Lemon fresh insert  2Lemon fresh pyramid card sheet  3Anemone Toppers

  1. Lemon fresh insert by Julie Hill (A nice insert with a large pale area for you to write your message or even type your greetings before inserting it in the card.)
  2. Lemon fresh pyramid card sheet by Julie Hill (This is the card that can be seen as a small inset in the picture of the insert.  It is easy to cut out and make up as it is made up of straight edged oblongs and one small circle.)
  3. Anemone Toppers by Frances Dent (Straight edge cutting only so easy to make cards using this design sheet.  I used the three toppers on the sheet and pyramaged them up to give dimension to the card, but you could simply use them as three separate toppers and make three cards from this one sheet which would make it excellent value for money.  It comes with a “Happy Birthday” greetings panel but I used one of the blank ones and used a “Brysiwch Wella” greeting peel-off on it [Welsh for Get Well Soon], so it’s a very versatile design.)

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)