Boxes From Backing Sheets and Ready Designed

As well as making different shape and designs gift boxes from ready designed sheets available on CUP (see examples at end of this post), I’ve made a few boxes using Background Sheets as well.

Many of the boxes I made in the run up to Christmas were made to present some handmade jewellery as Christmas gifts, but they could be used to present jewellery as gifts for valentine, mother’s day, birthdays, or “just because”.  They could also be used to give chocolates, a decorated notebook and pen, or anything else that will fit.  The first three sown below were made using the following design:

Take a sheet of the background printed onto card.  Score in along the card at 1″, 4″, 5″, 8″ and 9″.  Cut along the 9″ score line.  Score 1″ in from both sides on the long sides.  (If you don’t want the box as long then cut off a bit along the ling side of the sheet before scoring).  Cut in both sides up to this 1″ score line at each of the score lines. Decide which of the largest panels you want as the top, put glue on the little flaps and stick inside the long flaps.  for the central small flats stick these inside the side you decided was the base.  A sketch trying to show what I mean is given below the box images.  You can adjust the sizes depending on the size of box you want.

1LACE on GOLD BACKGROUND  2Gold Damask Backing  3Snowflakes on Cream Gradient

  1. LACE on GOLD BACKGROUND by Susan Murdoch
  2. Gold Damask Backing by Russ Smith
  3. Snowflakes on Cream Gradient by Karen Adair

One piece box and lid

1Almost jewels 30   2Check Design 1 in Purples  3Dusky Blue Flowers Backing Paper

  1. Almost jewels 30 by Astrid Spijkers (A simple bonbon box tied together at the corners using a ribbon.  It can be made in any size that will fit onto your printed card.  You need a square that is divisible by 3 e.g. 7.5″ scoring at 2.5″ and 5″  in both directions to make a grid.  Then score from the meeting points out to the corners, punch a hole at each corner, and pull the points in to tie with ribbon.)
  2. Check Design 1 in Purples by Sheila Rodgers (I made this simple pyramid box using a template from a MCS CD.  It is held together by the two square rings pushed down and has no glue. The straight lined check make it suitable for packing up a small gift for a male.)
  3. Dusky Blue Flowers Backing Paper by Katy Kinsey (This is the same box as the previous item but this time a more female version.  In a future post you will see a card I made with the same backing paper – or click through on the link now to see both items.)

Here are some of the Ready Designed Gift, Shaped Favour or Treat Boxes I’ve made:

1Shaped Treat or Favour BoxPolka Dots Handbag Shaped Treat or Favour Box sheet 22Gold Stars Cracker Shaped Treat or Favour Box3Gold Snowflakes Cracker Shaped Treat or Favour Box4Blooming Lovely in Yellow Gift Box with Lid5Grace Angel Pillow Box 

  1. Polka Dots Handbag Shaped Treat or Favour Box sheet 1 and Polka Dots Handbag Shaped Treat or Favour Box sheet 2 by Carol Clarke
  2. Gold Stars Cracker Shaped Treat or Favour Box by Carol Clarke
  3. Gold Snowflakes Cracker Shaped Treat or Favour Box by Carol Clarke
  4. Blooming Lovely in Yellow Gift Box with Lid by Katy Kinsey
  5. Grace Angel Pillow Box by Katy Kinsey

There are templates available on CUP that you can use with any plain card, or print any background onto it and use the templates.  This kit is fantastic as it has three different sized pillow box templates in it.

Pillow Box Template Kit - 3 sheet Kit  Pillow Box Template Kit – 3 sheet Kit by Carol Clarke

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)