Are you a cats or a dogs person?  Or perhaps you like both.  More importantly – are any of the people you make cards for cats or dogs people?  For this blog post I’m highlighting cards I’ve made which have dogs on them.

1Blue Card with Dog  2Just Dogs  3Westie1 pyramid with background  4Border Collie Pyramid Sheet  5Enchanted Puppies Inverted Tunnel

  1. Blue Card With Dog by Diane Furniss (A lovely card front that can be used on a larger card, like this one.  It comes with pyramid layers and several greetings panels.)
  2. Just Dogs by Karen Adair (The sheet I used to make this sideways waterfall card has 9 different images of dogs on.  They could be used for ATCs or individual toppers on small cards, or grouped on larger cards.)
  3. Westie1 pyramid with background by Liz Harrison (A lovely little westie pyramid topper with half the sheet of co-ordinating background, together with some other elements including greetings panels.)
  4. Border Collie Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (A five layer pyramid topper with some greetings panels, including one blank one for your own greeting.)
  5. Enchanted Puppies Inverted Tunnel by Emma Bee (This card is a little more fiddly than the previous ones to cut out as ovals need to be cut out within the shape.)

1Good Boy, Rover! - Decoupage Card  2Puppy love sheet  3Doberman Pinscher pyramid with background  4Cute Little Puppy  53 Kittens & 1 Puppy Tunnel Deckle Edge Side Stacker

  1. Good Boy, Rover! – Decoupage Card by Julene Harris (This one is a decoupage topper so is a bit fiddly to cut out, especially between the ear and head, but it does make a lovely card.)
  2. Puppy love sheet by Julie Green (A simple topper, backing element and several greetings plates means that a nice card can be created quickly.)
  3. Doberman Pinscher pyramid with background by Liz Harrison (Another pyramid topper with a backing element, greetings panels, etc.  Easy to make a great card.)
  4. Cute Little Puppy by Linda Whittles (A lovely puppy in an easy to cut pyramid design with co-ordinating backing and paper ribbon strip.)
  5. 3 Kittens & 1 Puppy Tunnel Deckle Edge Side Stacker by Emma Bee (For those of you who are cat lovers here’s just a taster of one of the cards I’ve made with cats on.  Another relatively easy to cut design as mostly straight edges with just a wavy/deckle edge on one side of the side stackers.)

Keep an eye out for a post in the next week or so highlighting cards with Cats on them.  After domestic cats I may go onto wild cats.  Who knows what themes will catch my eye.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)