I chose some cards that I’d made with dog images on to highlight in my last blog post – here – so this time I’ve picked out some cards I’ve made using designs with images of cats.  Most of the cats are just quietly behaving themselves, but one is up to mischief trying to get at the goldfish.

1Ginger Cat Twisted Pyramid  2Kitty  3Ginger cat pyramid  4Ginger cat with fish bowl quick card front  5Ginger & White Cat Tunnel Deckle Edge Side Stacker

  1. Ginger Cat Twisted Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers (A lovely photo of a cat in a basket made up as a twisted pyramid topper which is easy to cut out.)
  2. Kitty by Sarah Lake (I made two cards from one sheet of this design.  I used the base image as a flat topper on a gold framed card and used the other layers as a twisted pyramid on a simple easel card.  The design sheet had a background square and a paper ribbon element in addition to the layers so it creates a co-ordinated card very easily.)
  3. Ginger cat pyramid by Sharon Poore (This image of a cat is made up into a straight edged pyramid topper, so once again is easy to cut out and make up.  I’ve used it on a larger card, but it could be stuck onto a small square card if you wanted.)
  4. Ginger cat with fish bowl quick card front by Sharon Poore (A complete card front with some extra pieces to stick on so makes a lovely quick card.)
  5. Ginger & White Cat Tunnel Deckle Edge Side Stacker by Emma Bee (A lovely photo of a cat lying down that isn’t too difficult to cut out despite the deckle edge.)

1Cat In The Garden Wavy Side Stacker  2Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Contented Cat  3Cat Card Front With Pyramid  4Cat in an Oak Tree

  1. Cat in the Garden Wavy Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (In this design the cat can be seen sunning herself in a garden full of flowers.  The wavy sides to the stacker is easier to cut out than the deckle edge of the previous card and makes for a lovely card for many occasions.)
  2. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Contented Cat by Judith Flavel (The circular layers of this pyramid are easy to cut out and are very forgiving.   As each layer is marked with a circle showing the position of the layer above it’s an easy design to make up as well.)
  3. Cat Card Front With Pyramid by Jean Gordon (A lovely image with some extra layers, additional bows and a blank greetings panel.)
  4. Cat in an Oak Tree by Sheila Rodgers (A quirky pyramid topper with some co-ordinating paper ribbon elements.)

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)