Butterflies are firm favourites with many people and can be used for many different occasions from birthday to get well, from good luck to congratulations.  I’ve made an assortment of cards with butterflies on them and have picked ten to show you below.  If you click on the links below each batch you will get taken to a page with the design sheet I used in each case which has a description of how I made the card at the bottom.  Most of these were very easy to make.

1Flutter By Butterfly - Cut & Fold Over The Side Card  2Butterfly Aperture insert  3“Feather Butterfly” Fancy Octagon Shaped Card 6  4Fluttery Butterfly Twisted Pyramage sheet  5Blue Butterfly Waterfall

  1. Flutter By Butterfly – Cut & Fold Over The Side Card by Elaine Sheldrake (The whole card is printed out from the design sheet and part of the front is cut away before folding into shape and decorating.)
  2. Butterfly Aperture insert by Sue Bryant (This design was cut out of a background card using my CraftROBO.)
  3. “Feather Butterfly” Fancy Octagon Shaped Card 6 by Anna Babajanyan (Another one where the whole card was part of the design sheet, but this time there’s only straight cutting to make the shape.  I just used some glaze and faux gems to decorate.)
  4. Fluttery Butterfly Twisted Pyramage sheet by Carol Clarke (A simple to cut and make up twisted pyramid topper.)
  5. Blue Butterfly Waterfall by Russ Smith (Just straight cutting for this card, although it looks more difficult to make.  Just a pokey tool and two brads to attach to the main card after sticking on the butterfly panels in place.)

1blue butterfly  2SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY FOR BIRTHDAYS GET WELL ANNIVERSARY ETC  3Green Butterfly Birthday /Congratulations Card  4Butterfly Iris Folding Pattern  5Fluttery Butterfly Quick Card with Fan Pyramage Topper

  1. Blue butterfly step by step topper and blue butterfly vellum by Michelle Johnson (Some cutting out around the butterfly in the centre and the little ones on the frame was required, so this is amongst the most fiddly to make of the cards I’m showing here, so it depends on how bad your dexterity problems are whether you’ll be able to make it or not.)
  2. SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY FOR BIRTHDAYS GET WELL ANNIVERSARY ETC by Elaine Sheldrake (A complete card front with pyramid layers that’s suitable for so many occasions.)
  3. Green Butterfly Birthday /Congratulations Card by Anna Babajanyan (Another card where the whole card is printed out, trimmed and scored.  I used minimal embellishments on this one.)
  4. Butterfly Iris Folding Pattern by Margaret Jones (A totally different technique to the other cards but one that is easy to achieve with this card.  The butterfly shape does need to be cut out, which could be fiddly for some, but putting together the pattern afterwords is relatively easy.)
  5. Fluttery Butterfly Quick Card with Fan Pyramage Topper by Carol Clarke (The fan blades are rounded at the top and easy to cut out.  The whole design is easy to put together.)

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)