Easter Cards (24-4-11)

It will be Easter this weekend.  While not a tradition everywhere, sending cards at Easter is a tradition for some, and could well be something that is growing in popularity.

To my mind, the biggest problem with Easter is that it is yet another religious occasion that has been commercialized to such an extend that the meaning of the event, and the reason for the celebration, has been completely lost to many.  It’s all very well giving eggs and seeing chicks and lambs and the Easter bunny everywhere, but no good at all if nothing about the symbolisation they represent is passed on to the next generation.  You can read up about some aspects of Easter – here.  Please give remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus, for all of us, a place in your Easter celebration this year, be it by a moment of quite reflection on your own, or by attending a service in a church or chapel.

I’ve picked out some cards that use the symbolism of the empty cross as well as the egg, or hatching egg, for my assortment of cards to highlight today.  Some cards with crosses are listed as sympathy cards but are equally suitable for Easter cards.

Please take a look, and click through on the links if you want more information on the sheets I used to make them and a description of how I made them.

1Bunny & Chick Easter Card Toppers  2Sympathy Layered Cross Card  3http://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/step-by-steps/easter-eggs/easter-lamb-step-by-step.cfm?r=231748  4Easter time 1 card front and back  5Floral easter cross

  1. Bunny & Chick Easter Card Toppers by Mary Jane Harris (The design sheet has two, easy to cut, square toppers as well as a small number of more fiddly to cut elements that can be decoupaged on.  you could leave these off if you wanted though.)
  2. Sympathy Layered Cross Card by Tina Fitch (This is a design that was cut using my CraftROBO therefore required no intricate cutting on my part.  I kept the card very simple, with little embellishment.  If you click through you can see that the designer’s sample card is more ornate with embossing used to great effect.)
  3. Easter Lamb Step By Step by Michelle Johnson (The back of this decoupage design is in an egg shape.  There are some fiddly bits to cut out for the decoupage but the egg shaped topper could be used without all the layer added.)
  4. Easter time 1 card front and back by Stephen Ingram (The whole card and some additional elements to build up are given on one sheet, so if you print onto card then there’s no need to go looking for anything else to decorate the card.)
  5. Floral Easter cross by Angela Wake (Another card where the whole design is printed out from the sheet so no additional decoration is necessary, although of course you can further embellish if you wish.  This time it’s a fold-back card.)

1peek-a-boo easter chick step by step  2Diamond Cross  3Silver Cross  4Yellow ribbon cross and purple flowers  5Sympathy Cross

  1. Peek-a-boo Easter chick step by step by Michelle Johnson (A simple image of a chick coming out of an egg, which is a symbol of new life, there is a lot of zig-zaggy cutting involved in the image, but nothing really intricate.  The image can be used in a card any way you wanted as it doesn’t come with any page front or backing element.)
  2. Diamond Cross by Silvia Griffin (This is an iris folding design that I made up using alternate strips of mat and shiny silver paper.  I then simply decorated with some flower embellishments.  Cutting out the apertures for the design wasn’t too difficult.)
  3. Silver Cross by Sheila Wilks (I think that this makes a lovely Easter card when mounted on the holographic card giving the colour halo affect like this.  Simple to cut out and make up, the design sheet used to make this card has the backing element and the cross on it.  It also has a greetings panel that I didn’t use, so click through and you’ll see exactly what you get.)
  4. Yellow ribbon cross and purple flowers by Angela Wake (While the card front and the first add-on layer are easy to cut out, the decoupage layer for the cross become more intricate, but this is one design that would make a lovely card without adding every one of the layers.)
  5. Sympathy Cross by Deborah Davies (Some fiddly cutting out of little flowers and butterflies required to put all the layers on this card, but you can miss the extra layers and just keep the base image if you want a quick and easy card.)

If you click through on the links in the list above you will get taken to pages that show the design sheets/kits/cutting files used in each case.   If you scroll to the bottom of those pages you will see a larger image of the cards I made with those designs, and below the photo my description of how I made the card.

If you want to see an assortment of designs put up on craftsUprint under the Easter Cards theme then click -> here.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Card Maker’s Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top box to see the cards.)