New Cards – April 2011

Now that I’ve finished my entry into the CUP Father’s Day Card Competition (more of that in a future post) I’ve managed to put together a small number of cards this week.  Here are the latest ones I’ve made for you to look at.  As usual I’ve added some notes about how easy or difficult I found them to cut and make, together with some other snippets that I thought of when writing this post.

1wedding decoupage / A5 card front  2Easter Blessings  3Little Easter Bunny - Pyramid  4Cockatoo 3D decoupage with background  5Scalloped Squares & Rectangles

  1.  Wedding decoupage / A5 card front by Stephen Ingram (A lovely wedding card that could be embellished with glitter or pearls or whatever you want.  The layers on this card do have some “ins and outs” cutting around the leaves, etc., but isn’t the most intricate design I’ve cut.  Click on the link to have a look at the design sheet to see if it would suit you.)
  2. Easter Blessings by Angela Wake (A simple to cut and make oval pyramid.  The design could be used for sympathy or Easter.  Two purposes – double the value.)
  3. Little Easter Bunny – Pyramid by Julene Harris (Straight edges only to cut for card-making with this design sheet so it’s an easy to make card that’s sure to be a hit with the younger members of the family.)
  4. Cockatoo 3D decoupage with background by Liz Harrison (This is one of the most fiddly designs I’ve cut out lately as each layer of the cockatoo has lots of ins and outs.  It does produce a lovely, dimensional, bird when gently shaped and stuck together though.)
  5. Scalloped Squares & Rectangles by Angela Burke (A .gsd file for cutting with a CraftROBO.  This cutting kit isn’t full of fancy or intricate embellishments, or even pretty toppers, but it is none the less a great staple to have in your digital library as it allows you to make cards with scalloped mats and layers without having to try and use a fancy edged scissors and the fiddle involved in trying to line up the blade each snip.  The mat is topped with pyramid sheet cup62574_613 for this card.)

1Easter or Sympathy easel card 4  2Iris star  3Summer Garden- Shell edged Corner Stacker  4GSD Curvy Octagon & Mats…  5Fire of the dragon

  1. Easter or Sympathy easel card 4 by Sharon Poore (The main easel card, stopper/butt-bar and the octagonal topper are easy to cut out, but the flower and butterfly extra layers are much more fiddly.  However, you could decide to only make the card without anything other than the main image.  I used just under half the extra pieces when making up this card.)
  2. Iris star by Julie Green (The pyramid on this card is all built up of star shaped layers so not too difficult to cut out.  This is a really lovely image that would be suitable for lots of occasions.)
  3. Summer Garden- Shell edged Corner Stacker by June Young (Easy to cut out corner stackers with just a “shell edge” to cut out that isn’t straight.  Another lovely image that would be suitable for Get Well, Birthday, etc.)
  4. GSD Curvy Octagon & Mats… by Angela Burke and Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Hibiscus by Judith Flavel (Cutting out different shaped mats with the CraftROBO gives a different look to cards, rather than just using standard squares, circles, oblongs and ovals, so this .gsd cutting file, with its lots of different sized layers to cut out, is a great one for your digital library.  This time I cut them out large and put them with an easy to cut out circular pyramid.)
  5. Fire of the dragon by Angela Wake (Another easy to cut and make corner stacker, but this time more suitable for a child.  Great as a birthday card, or even a get well card for a child with a sore throat.)

If you click through on the links in the list above you will get taken to pages that show the design sheets/kits/cutting files used in each case.   If you scroll to the bottom of those pages you will see a larger image of the cards I made with those designs, and below the photo my description of how I made the card.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Card Maker’s Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top box to see the cards.)