With the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton taking place tomorrow (29-4-11) at Westminster Abbey, wedding fever is hitting many in the UK.  Even CUP has been affected and is offering a right “ROYAL” discount off all orders from the CUP website until the end of the month.  You can read the latest CUP Newsletter, including the discount details, by clicking -> here.

Let’s not forget that over the next few months there are many more weddings taking place.  Perhaps you are actually attending a wedding, or perhaps you just want to send a card and possibly a gift.  You may even be making cards for selling.  Whatever your reason for making cards I’m sure you’ll need to make some wedding cards in the near future.

Here I’ve collected together photos of some of the wedding cards I’ve made over the last year.  If you click on the links in the information below each group of cards you will be taken to the page with the design sheet I used in each case on it, together with a larger image of the card.
1Stunning Floral 2 Corner Stacker  2Rose Bouquet  3Wedding Themed Concentric Pyramid  4Wedding bouquet with wavy centre  5Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet

  1.  Stunning Floral 2 Corner Stacker by Ammie Sanders (This is a lovely image and the design is easy to cut out as well.  I made it up into an A5 card with just some narrow border peel-offs and a Welsh “on your wedding day” greeting, but I think the image could be used for a larger A4 card with some ribbon, lace and wider fancy border peel-offs.)
  2. Rose Bouquet by Angie Palmer (A brides bouquet with a couple of extra layers, together with some backing pieces and choice of greetings panels and paper ribbons that I didn’t use.)
  3. Wedding Themed Concentric Pyramid by Ammie Sanders (A ruler and a sharp craft knife are needed to cut out the concentric pyramid layers, but there is no intricate in and out cutting involved in this design which makes a pyramid card that’s a little different to the norm.)
  4. Wedding bouquet with wavy centre by Angela Wake (The wavy edged central pyramid layers are easy to cut out but add an interesting affect and dimension to the card.  I finished the card off with ornate border peel-offs.)
  5. Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (A lovely image and easy to make the cards as it just has straight edged pyramid layers.  If you use 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape the card should be less than the 5mm depth allowed by the Royal Mail for an ordinary letter if you intend to post the card.  It’s great to be able to make fantastic creations with dimension for hand delivering, but sometimes you just want something nice and pretty that you can post.)

1wedding decoupage / A5 card front  2White Wedding Bouquet - Pyramid Card  3Wedding Chappel with Bride & Groom 5 Minute Easel Card  4Quick Wedding  5anniversary, silver, gold or pearl book

  1. Wedding decoupage / A5 card front by Stephen Ingram (This is a dimensional card with each layer of the cake cut out so there is a bit of fiddly cutting out involved, especially round the leaves attached to the ribbon on the bottom tier, but I have cut out worse and it does make a lovely card that can be further embellished if you wish.)
  2. White Wedding Bouquet – Pyramid Card by Julene Harris (This is an easy to cut pyramid topper.  I edged each layer with a gold metallic marker to “lift” them and give them definition.  You can do the same if you wish, or leave the individual layers as they are.)
  3. Wedding Chappel with Bride & Groom 5 Minute Easel Card by Ammie Sanders (All the pieces are printed out on one sheet so if your printer can print onto card there’s no need to look further, other than glue, to make the card.)
  4. Quick Wedding by Diane Furniss (This is a quick and easy card to make.  I just used some flexi-peeloffs around each panel to highlight.)
  5. Anniversary, silver, gold or pearl book by Angela Wake (Although listed in the Anniversary section this design, with its wedding bells, is equally suitable for a wedding.)

1The Bride on her day  2Wedding Bliss Teabag Sheet  3Sunset Wedding Pyramage  4Soft Pink Bed of Roses - Background Paper  5Gold Damask Backing

  1. The Bride on her day by Angela Wake (Another “open book” topper.  The main topper layers are easy to cut out but the little additional layers can be more tricky to cut, however these don’t always need to be added if they prove too difficult for you to cut.)
  2.  Wedding Bliss Teabag Sheet by Ammie Sanders (Only straight cutting for this card, and then the “teabag” squares were folded into shape and stuck together to make the “rosette”.)
  3. Sunset Wedding Pyramage by Deborah Davies (Easy cutting oval layers make up the pyramid on this topper.  With the exotic looking sunset this card would be very suitable for those going abroad [from the UK] for their wedding.  The sheet I used has several greetings panels on it as well.)
  4. Soft Pink Bed of Roses – Background Paper by Julene Harris (Don’t forget that you can print off background design sheets and make up into bags or wrapping paper to present your gift in.  You could even use a backing you’ve used on your card for the card and gift to co-ordinate.)
  5. Gold Damask Backing by Russ Smith (If printed onto good quality card, especially card with iridescent/pearlescent finish for a special effect, you can make your own boxes to put your gift in as well.)

Of course, the cards I’ve made are just a small sample of the designs available via CUP.  If the designs I’ve chosen are not your sort of thing, then I’m sure that if you look over the CUP Wedding section you will find something you like -> here.  You can even go to the “Ask An Expert / Designer” section on Craftforums to ask whether one of the talented designers would make a design sheet or kit for you if you’ve got something specific in mind and can’t find it already designed.

NOTE: Don’t forget to go to the Fathers Day Card Competition on Craftforums -> here – to have a look at all the 50+ entries and place your vote for the card you think is the best. I wrote more about this in my blog post earlier in the week -> here – if you want to read about it and see a photo of the outside of my entry (I uploaded a photo of the dimensional inside of my card as my entry).

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)