From Boys to Men

From birth to retirement there are all sorts of occasions that mean we need to make cards for the males of the species.  Although it’s been said that making cards for men is a difficult task, the wide variety of designs on CUP means that it is easier to find something suitable.  I’ve only picked a small assortment of the cards I’ve made for this blog post – just a taster for you.  Please click through on the links below each group to see exactly what you get on the sheets.

Lets start with cards to the proud parents on the birth of their baby boy, and go on to boys playing and the “I want to be a pirate” theme cards.

1New Baby Boy Fold Back  2He’s here at last!  3 Me ‘n’ My Big Bro 4Pirates Ahoy Quick Card With Wavy Spiral Side Stacker  5Pirates Cascade Sheet with Pyramid

  1. New Baby Boy Fold Back by Eva Cano (The card base for this is part of the design sheet and only requires straight cutting around the outside and cutting with a craft knife around the right hand side of the panel before folding back.  There are greetings panels on the design sheet as well.)
  2. He’s here at last! by Angie Palmer (The design sheet I used to make this has several toppers and little elements like bottles and dummies/comforters, together with greetings panels, so you can make a variety of different cards from the sheet.)
  3. Me ‘n’ My Big Bro by Michael Tullio (As the design for this decoupage is quite chunky it’s not too difficult to cut out.  It makes a great card for a child, especially one who has a brother close in age.)
  4. Pirates Ahoy Quick Card with Wavy Spiral Side Stacker by Carol Clarke (Wavy side stackers give a very different effect to a card but are easy to cut out and put together.)
  5. Pirates Cascade Sheet with Pyramid by Ammie Sanders (Straight and oval cutting only for this card, so again an easy to cut out and put together even though it is a different shaped card.)

Some more “I want to be…” cards – astronaut, centurian, cowboy, together with a boy and his football and through to the “cool” teenager.
1cartoon astronaut 2 quick card front with decoupage  2Centurian pyramid  3MIDNIGHT COWBOY TUNNEL SHEET  4Foot Baller  5Cool Kid Step By Step

  1. Cartoon astronaut 2 quick card front with decoupage by Michelle Johnson (Another “chunky” decoupage that makes it reasonably easy to cut out.)
  2. Centurian pyramid by Chris Harland (How many of you have had children using saucepan lids as shields and wooden spoons as swards?  Perhaps they’ve been studying the Romans at school?  This card only has straight cutting to the pyramid layers so is easy to make.)
  3. MIDNIGHT COWBOY TUNNEL SHEET by Karen Nash (Don’t know whether cowboy’s are still as popular with boys as they use to be before this “digital age” but if you have a budding “cowboy” in your family then this card is easy to make with only straight cutting and a different effect with side stacker layers.)
  4. Foot Baller by Carol Brown (This is again a “chunky” decoupage so is quite easy to cut out the layers.  The most difficult bit is cutting between the arms and the body, which is a bit of a fiddle.)
  5. Cool Kid Step By Step by Deborah Davies (Another decoupage that’s reasonably easy to cut out.   The sheet itself includes the whole card front and some greetings panels.)

Of course, little boys have to attend school, and some even go on to become school teachers.  Of course there are lots of jobs men could end up doing and I’ve just picked on carpenter and doctor here.  And many would prefer not to have to work but to spend their days on the open road on a bike or dressed up to the nines showing off a posh car.

1Thank You Teacher! Male Pyramid Design  2DIY Carpenter/Joiner Dude Pyramid  3Get Well Soon Doctor Dude Circle Pyramid  4Biker  5Mr. Smooth Gate Fold Card ideal for birthday or fathers day

  1. Thank You Teacher! Male Pyramid Design by Amy Cummings (An easy to cut pyramid design with a couple of “paper ribbons” on the sheet to enhance your card.)
  2. DIY Carpenter/Joiner Dude Pyramid by Gordon Fraser (The design sheet I used to make this had several greetings panels in addition to the easy to cut pyramid.)
  3. Get Well Soon Doctor Dude Circle Pyramid by Gordon Fraser (The design sheet had 7 circular layers, but I decided to use fewer to keep the card depth more shallow.  The design looks great however you make it up.)
  4. Biker by Sheila Wilks (The sheet I used to make this has a backing element and some greetings ribbons in addition to the topper and one extra layer.  This decoupage layer is the most tricky to cut out as you are cutting around the bike shape itself.)
  5. Mr. Smooth Gate Fold Card ideal for birthday or fathers day by Stephen Ingram (The base card itself and the panels for the front of the gatefold card are easy to cut out.  The separate image of “Mr Smooth” is a bit more fiddly to cut.)

Now how many men wish they looked like the first card of the next set?  After a life of work and fun comes retirement.  I’ve just chosen fishing and gardening cards to represent this age of man, but of course many a younger man fishes and does the garden.

Sexy Man 1 Foldback 2Fisherman slider  3Gardener male for Retirements Birthdays Fathers Day pyramid

  1. Sexy Man 1 Foldback by Rhonda Brittain (The base card, pyramid layers and several greetings panels come on the design sheet, and there’s only straight and oval cutting, so it’s not difficult to make this card.)
  2. Fisherman slider by Kristin Guyer (I used an acetate strip to make a puller so that the fish can be pulled back and fore along the card.  The design sheet also had several greetings panel.)
  3. Gardener male for Retirements Birthdays Fathers Day pyramid by Eva Cano (The pyramage layers on this card are oval, so it’s an easy card to cut and make.  The sheet has greetings for retirement, birthday and Father’s Day.)

Of course, the themes I’ve chosen for this blog post may not fit in with the boys or men in your life and you are looking for a different hobby or occupation.  There are thousands and thousands of designs available on CUP, so why don’t you click through – here – and go and have a browse around to see what’s available, or do a search for something specific.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)