New Items, Updates, etc.

New Items

I’ve managed to make a few jewellery items the last couple of days and have made some boxes, some with cards attached, to present the items in as gifts.  The boxes have each been made from 250 gsm good quality card that has had a different background sheet design bought from CUP printed on it.

If you click on each thumbnail image you will see a larger version of the image and if you click on the links given below you will be taken to a page showing the background I used to make each box/card.

1Green Christmas Swirls Vellum  2White lace 1  3Blue and White Teardrop Backing Paper  4Sparkle Landscape Backing Paper.  5 Purple Lace Backing Paper

  1. This is a necklace in green and silver with a star shaped bead pendant at the centre.  I’ve made a long box as part of a tall card to present it in (out of Green Christmas Swirls Vellum by Deborah Davies).  The front of the card is simply decorated with some green peel-offs and a ribbon tassel and can be detached as a bookmark by the recipient.
  2. This is a gold bookmark that has been decorated with a string of red beads.  I’ve made a shorter box and card which is wider to present it in (out of White lace 1 by Astrid Spijkers).  The card side of the box is simply decorated with a ribbon bow and a greeting “Dymuniadau Gorau” (Welsh for Best Wishes).
  3. This is a simple, but stylish, box I’ve made (out of Blue and White Teardrop Backing Paper by Katy Kinsey) to present a gift of a set of blue necklace, bracelet and earrings that I’ve started making.
  4. I’m in the process of making a bracelet which will be presented in this box (unfortunately run out of beading elastic so have to wait for some more to be delivered before I can complete all the bracelet strands).  As I had enough of the background (Sparkle Landscape Backing Paper by June Harrop) I made a matching gift tag and put a small drop made using the same beads I’m using for the bracelet as a decoration on the card and a means to thread ribbon on to attach to the box.
  5. I made this three stranded bracelet using an assortment of purple sheen seed beads and some faux, purple and white, pearl beads.  It is presented in a box made using a purple design (Purple Lace Backing Paper by Sarah Edwards).  If you click through to the page of the backing design you will see I’ve given the dimensions for scoring in the description at the bottom of the page.

I’ve found that having a good selection of background designs in my digital library is a good thing as it allows me to play around with different things, such as these different sized and styled boxes without having to worry that I’ve spoiled a lovely card, as, if something goes wrong and I cut or score in the wrong place I can simply re-print and start again.  I’m slowly building up my digital library from CUP as it allows me to pick designs I’ve got an use for, and that I can see myself using several times.  Buying CD-ROMs is another great way of building up a digital library, but many of them have a small proportion of what I really want to use and a large proportion of designs I’ll never use so I only buy them if I know that there’s a reasonable amount of stuff I’ll use on them. The beauty of buying from CUP is that I can buy a Christmas, Art Deco, children’s design, and several totally different background in one order (minimum order of only £5), and as they are digital designs they can be downloaded and used as soon as the payment goes through, day or night, so no waiting for the postman to bring a CD-ROM of designs either.

CUP Update Newsletter

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CUP April 2011 – Fathers Day Card Competition

Maureen Garrigan has been announced as the winner of the April card-making competition.  Congratulations Maureen!  You can see the results for all the cards entered by clicking here.

These are photos of the outside and inside of the card I entered.  If you click on these thumbnails you’ll see larger images of the cards.

Father’s Day Card Competition Entry - Front    Father’s Day Card Competition Entry - Inside

I was fortunate to come in joint 3rd.  Thank you very much to all those who voted for me.  Every vote, and the nice comments left by some under the card in the competition gallery, is very much appreciated.

We’re all waiting now to know what the May theme will be.  The Update E-mail sent out yesterday said that the details will be released later this week.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)