Birds 1 and CUP Update Newsletter

Cards With Various Birds On Them

I was going to make a post today with all the cards I’d made that had various birds on them – then I realised quite how many I’d made and thought that there were far to many for one post.  So I’ve picked out a batch of ten cards today.

1Little Chick Quick Card with Pyramage  2Duck Iris Folding Pattern  3Dove Iris Folding Pattern  4Penguin Iris Folding Pattern  5Owls Pop Out Card

  1. Little Chick Quick Card with Pyramage by Carol Clarke (Pyramage style cards are always easy to cut out and make, and this one comes with a little extra in the form of a gift of a bookmark.  Would make a great card for somebody who’s in hospital or convalescing.)
  2. Duck Iris Folding Pattern by Margaret Jones (As this design is basically just yellow paper strips for the legs and beak and white for the body it is an easy one to follow.  Cutting out the aperture is the most difficult thing about it.)
  3. Dove Iris Folding Pattern by Margaret Jones (Cutting the aperture out for this design is a bit more difficult as there are lots of ins and outs around the wings, but the making up of the iris folding is again quite easy as it is mostly one colour.)
  4. Penguin Iris Folding Pattern by Margaret Jones (This is an easier aperture to cut out and only has some yellow for the beak and two blocks of coloured strips to work to, so no intricate iris folding patterns to follow.)
  5. Owls Pop Out Card by Sheila Rodgers (Some people may find it difficult to cut out the pieces that are around the ovals, but it isn’t particularly intricate, just a bit of a fiddle using either a craft knife or a scissors.)

1BIRDS 2 OVER THE EDGE CARD  2Swallow Spiral Edge Stacker  3Tawny owl step by step  4parrot quick card front with pyramage  5lorikeet pyramid

  1. BIRDS 2 OVER THE EDGE CARD by Clive Couter (As this is made using a cutting file created for use with my CraftROBO there was no cutting involved in creating the main card.  I did then take a bit of time colouring in the acetate from behind, but, because I did the colouring from behind it wasn’t too important to stay directly within the lines as the card shape covered any errors from being visible from the front.)
  2. Swallow Spiral Edge Stacker by Eva Cano (This is a straight edged spiral stacker so only straight cutting and very easy to put together.)
  3. Tawny owl step by step by Sharon Trommelen (Although this is a decoupage built up of layers with less of the owl on each layer, it is actually quite easy to cut out because the owl is just basically an oval shape with uneven edges.  With each layer shaped and rounded before attaching this makes a stunning, dimensional decoupage that I really love.)
  4. Parrot quick card front with pyramage by Michelle Johnson (With a complementary background behind the parrot image this makes a lovely card front that’s easy to make a great card from.  The cutting is all straight edged as the extra layers are all square.)
  5. Lorikeet pyramid by Sally McIntyre (This is again a straight edged pyramid, but not in the usual square or rectangle shape, but it is just as easy to put together.)

Keep an eye out for my “Birds 2” blog post in the near future for more cards including ones with -Ducks, Peacocks, Harris Hawk, Kookaburra, Blue Tit, and more!

CUP Newsletter

I had a real surprise on Wednesday when I opened my E-mail and saw that this little blog had got a mention in that day’s CUP Newsletter.  Thank you for the mention CUP!

If you’ve not got your name down to receive it you can see a copy online by clicking -> here.  There’s much more to see than just the plug for this blog, so go have a look.

The Newsletter that came out yesterday (Friday 6th May) said:

May Competition

Next week we launch our May Competition the theme of which
will be Wedding Cards so get your thinking caps on.

So I guess I’d better start thinking of a card using one or more sheets from CUP to enter into that competition now.  So many choices on CUP, so what will it be – a bouquet, a cake, a couple, ….?  Lots of thought required for this one I think.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)


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