Girls, Women and Ladies – plus more!

At the beginning of the month I did a post on “From Boys to Men” – here – so today I’m going for cards that depict Girls, Women and Ladies.

1New baby quick card front  24 Ice cream kids toppers  3Girls and Phones sheet  4Relaxing Teenager Twisted Pyramid  5friends out on the town

  1. New baby quick card front by Sharon Poore (A lovely card for a baby girl to welcome her into the world and congratulate the parents.  The sheet has the card front and square topper, which are easy to cut out, but there’s also added little items which are a bit more intricate to cut out but don’t have to be used.)
  2. 4 Ice cream kids toppers by Sharon Poore (4 simple but lovely little toppers that make great quick cards.)
  3. Girls and Phones sheet by Julie Green (There are two girls and phones on the sheet.  Both have rather tricky cutting out, but you can pick and choose what layers you want to cut it out.)
  4. Relaxing Teenager Twisted Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers (Although the pyramid is twisted it still only involves straight edged cutting so is an easy card to make.  I made an aperture in the front to show one of the smaller images through.)
  5. Friends out on the town by Angela Wake (This is a “screen” card so not that difficult to make.  Only some rounded cutting over the top and straight edges.)

1Cool Teenage Girl  2Classroom Pyramid and Border Design  3Lady of the Lake backing Paper 1  4Elegant Style  5Vintage Lady In Frame Pyramid

  1. Cool Teenage Girl by Deborah Davies (With a background element and straight edged pyramid topper this is an easy card to cut out and make.  I put the topper on at a “jaunty angle” but it doesn’t have to be made up like this.)
  2. Thank You Teacher! Classroom Pyramid and Border Design by Amy Cummings (A couple of paper ribbons, a couple of greetings panels and a pyramid topper – everything ready to make a great quick card for a teacher, whether that is a card for a child to give his or her teacher at school, or perhaps a teacher on his or her graduation.)
  3. Lady of the Lake Toppers by Rebecca Brindley (There are lots of toppers of the same design but in different sizes on this design sheet.  I’ve put it with co-ordinating background and insert to make this lovely gate-fold card.)
  4. Elegant Style by Deborah Davies (Coming with a background side panel, this design is a decoupage sheet and therefore requires some intricate cutting out.  The lady is indeed dressed in an elegant style.)
  5. Vintage Lady In Frame Pyramid by Deborah Davies (This design is built up of straight edged pyramid layers, so very easy to cut out and make up.  The sheet also has the background that matches, so no need to go off looking for extras unless you want to.)

1Lady of the East  2Sari  3fashion lady orange and lace  4BLUE ART DECO  5Vintage Fashion Lady DL Card Kit

  1. Lady of the East by Angela Wake (The first of my ladies from foreign lands is a simple to make card front with two oblong toppers and an extra decoupage layer for each.)
  2. Sari by Sarah Lake (This topper is built up of wavy edged central panels so nothing very difficult to cut out.)
  3. Fashion lady orange and lace by Cynthia Berridge (The pyramid topper on this card is made of oval layers, so it isn’t difficult to make.  The orange colour makes this card stand out a bit amongst the other colours in this collection.)
  4. BLUE ART DECO by Val Ramon (The design sheet has round and heart toppers as well as the one I used to make this card.  I used part of a box that an Easter Egg came in to make this card, so don’t forget to look at everything for items you can recycle for your crafting/card making.)
  5. Beautiful Vintage Fashion Lady DL Card Kit by Ammie Sanders (A straight edged pyramid topper, background element and a blank greetings panel come on the sheet I used to make this, so it’s easy to make a stylish card.)

I’ve made up a whole lot of other cards that I could use in this particular post, but I had to put a stop putting up pictures at some point or I’d be making the page longer and longer.

CUP May Card Competition

We now have the details for the CUP May Card Competition, plus the location to upload pictures of our finished cards.

It is to be a “Wedding Themed card” this time and the details an be seen by clicking -> here.  The photos are to be uploaded -> here.  Somebody’s already uploaded a card – and a very nice card it is as well – so I need to get my thinking cap on!

There are such a huge amount of designs suitable for Wedding cards available on CUP.  I actually wrote a Blog post highlighting some I’d made the day before the Royal Wedding.  You can still go and look at it if you want.  It’s to be seen -> here.  But do you think I can decide on what to do for this competition?  No!  I’ve already made an Open Book card and a card with some pop-up and easel elements for different CUP competitions, so I want it to be a bit different.  I think I’ll have to think on it for a while, and perhaps sleep on it a few nights, and see what comes to me.

CUP Newsletter Mailer

The latest mailer from CUP was sent out yesterday (11-5-11) and a link was posted on Facebook.  Why not pop to the page to have a look by clicking -> here.  There are some stunning cards being highlighted.  In addition to this there’s information about two competitions, the cardmaking one I mentioned earlier, and another to Guess the Designer.  No name immediately jumps to mind with me, how about you?  Any ideas?  Why not enter?

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)