Sports and Games

Mention sports and games to a hundred different people and I’m sure they’ll all have a different assortment of top three to give you.  Some things that are considered sports or games by some people wouldn’t be considered so by others.  For some they are serious business and for others they are just for fun, but whatever the recipient is into I’m sure that you would be able to find a card to suit on CUP.

Starting with some cards depicting “traditional” sports

1Golf No-Hole Fold Back Card  2Rugby Quick Card with pyramage  3Foot Baller  4Football Stadium Pyramid   5Football Cut and Fold Card

  1. Golf No-Hole Fold Back Card by Carol Clarke (This is such an easy card to make.  As it’s a “No-Hole” foldback it means that there’s no cutting around the right hand side of the picture on the inside involved. Fantastic idea for those who hate getting a craft knife out.)
  2. Rugby Quick Card with pyramage by Carol Clarke (Straight cutting only so an easy card to make.  As it doesn’t actually show a rugby player it’s a great card even if the rugby player is a woman.)
  3. Foot baller by Carol Brown (Although this is decoupage there are good lines to follow when cutting, but it is a bit fiddly because there are “landlocked” areas between the arms and body.  Perfect for a young boy who’s into football.)
  4. Football Stadium Pyramid Sheet by Amy Cummings (An easy to cut pyramid sheet with a narrow background panel/ribbon, a ball, and lots of greetings.)
  5. Football Cut and Fold Card by Carol Clarke (A quick print, score, cut, and fold card that can be used as it is, although I’ve used one of the matching spiral toppers on this particular card.)

Next an assortment of indoor “games”

1Cards Side Stacker  210 Pin Bowling Step by Step  3Tech Games Print and CUT  4Dominoes Quick Card Wavy Corner side stacker

  1. Cards Side Stacker by Carol Clarke (As the side stackers are straight edged this is an easy card to cut out and make.)
  2. 10 Pin Bowling Step by Step by Deborah Davies (The decoupage layers for the pins might be too fiddly to cut out for some, but they are not the most difficult to cut.  The design sheet also had some greetings panels so click through to take a look.)
  3. Tech Games Print and CUT by Luanne Collins (As this design is a CraftROBO Print & Cut one there’s no actual cutting out of the electronic games pieces involved, so an easy card to make.)
  4. Dominoes Quick Card Wavy Corner side stacker by Carol Clarke (The wavy corner pieces are not difficult to cut out and give an interesting dimension to the card.)

A further assortment of what some consider “sports”

Although I think the fisherman in the first card is just relaxing some take competitive fishing very seriously. Motor bike racing is very popular with some and is perhaps more well known than jalopy racing. And I finish off with a couple of cards showing horses.  Whether it’s horse racing on the flat or over jumps, hunting, or equestrian sports such as show jumping or dressage, there’s no getting away from the fact that a good horse is needed.

1Gone Fishing!  2Biker  3Funny car topper  4Horse & Foal Side Stacker  5Strutting Horse Iris Folding Pattern

  1.  Gone Fishing! by Angie Palmer (Two shades of backgrounds, lots of greetings panels, and the topper are to be found on the design sheet I used to make this card.)
  2. Biker by Sheila Wilks (You’ll find the topper, a background and a couple of paper ribbon greetings strips on the design sheet used to make this card.  In addition there’s a further decoupage layer for the bike.  This is the most difficult bit to cut out, but could be left off if needed.)
  3. Funny car topper by Sharon Poore (This design is built up of straight edged pyramid layers so no difficult cutting.)
  4. Horse & Foal Side Stacker by Ammie Sanders (Again there’s only straight edges to cut for the layers on this design.)
  5. Strutting Horse Iris Folding Pattern by Margaret Jones (The aperture for this design is a bit of a fiddle to cut out but the iris folding itself is an easy job.)

CUP Newsletter Mailer

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