New Cards – May 2011

New Cards

I’ve spent some time over the last few days and made some more new items with sheets I’ve bought from craftsUprint.  These range from a keepsake horseshoe for a bride to bright bookmarks, as well as an a wide assortment of card image.

You’ll see nine items listed below, but I’ve used 10 sheets from CUP as one card used two different sheets.

1Gold Wedding Rings Backing  2Brides Keepsake Horseshoe Ivory  3Audi TT Sport Pyramid  4Parrots  5Swirls and Dots Blank A5 Portrait Insert In Lilac

  1. Gold Wedding Rings Backing by Sue Maycock (This is an absolutely lovely background for wedding cards, whether you are looking for something as a big panel, a strip down the side, or making the whole card base out of it.  The rings are of a nice depth of colour to be seen without overtaking the rest of the card.  For this card I used a Glitter Girl embossing board for the panel shape leaving me with an easy shape to cut out.)
  2. Brides Keepsake Horseshoe Ivory by Wendy Bromilow (All the flowers on this horseshoe were individually cut out.  There were no really intricate patterns or landlocked area, but it was a long job that I had to do over several nights because of issues with my hands.  I decided to edge all the flowers with a gold metallic marker, which again was a long drawn out process for them all, but it added something a little special to the design and meant that no white cut edges are visible after shaping the flowers.)
  3. Audi TT Sport Pyramid by Steve Bowley (This is a straightforward card to make with an easy to cut pyramid topper.  Great to give to those who are into cars.)
  4. Parrots by Tom Curtis (Quick to make bookmarks, but would also make great toppers on long cards.)
  5. Fairy Tale Coach Pink by Tom Curtis + Swirls and Dots Blank A5 Portrait Insert In Lilac by Mandy Russell (As the insert and card blank can simply be trimmed using a trimmer and scored, and the fairy tale coach pyramid is just straight line cutting, this card was easy to make.)

1Kick the Ball Twisted Pyramid  2A romantic evening with a glowing fire  3Faded Elegance Paper in Light Blue  4Silver Wedding Rings Backing

  1. Kick the Ball Twisted Pyramid by Diane Furniss (The twisted nature of this pyramid gives a slightly different dimension to the card, but it is still only straight edged cutting involved.)
  2. A romantic evening with a glowing fire by Angela Wake (Another pyramid with straight edges, but this time with rounded corners on the layers.  It’s still easy to cut and make up though.)
  3. Faded Elegance Paper in Light Blue by Rebecca Brindley (Another of my simple to make boxes with card attached.  I’d normally use silver with blue but I thought I’d team it with gold this time.  This is a great way to use up little scraps of ribbon, perhaps cut off the ends of bows or something.  The lengths used to put round the central panel were only around 2″ in length – don’t like throwing bits away so I’m glad I found an use for them.)
  4. Silver Wedding Rings Backing by Sue Maycock (I printed out the sheet at A5 rather than A4 size for making this card.  After trimming, scoring and folding it was a quick job to make up the card itself with a couple of wax seals, some peel-offs and a ribbon.  A quick and easy card to make.)

CUP Newsletter Mailer

A CUP Newsletter was sent out yesterday (16-5-11).  If you want to go and have a look you can see it -> here.  The designs being shown are really diverse this time.  Plus there’s the usual “New From” and “Card Maker Spotlight” features, amongst the other news.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)