Sheets That Contain A Background Component – Part 1

In the past I’ve made blog posts about using backgrounds for making boxes and gift bags, as well as using backgrounds in different ways.  But those were all backgrounds that came as separate sheets. In today’s blog post I’m going to pick out design sheets that had a background element included on the sheet together with the topper.  This makes cardmaking easy as you don’t have to go looking for extra backgrounds unless you want to.  Here are a few of the cards I’ve made with sheets like this.  The “Part 1” of the title will probably already have told you that I actually had more of these types of sheets than I thought I had, so there will be a “Part 2” at some point to show you some more.  Click on the links listed below each group of cards to go and see the design sheets themselves.

1Seal Pup  2Fire Engine Birthday  3With sympathy lily 4Kitty  5Oval Roses Pyramage + Vellum

  1. Seal Pup by Sheila Wilks (In addition to the background and rectangular topper the design sheet also has two greetings ribbons which I didn’t use – so click through to have a look at the sheet to see what’s on the sheet.)
  2. Fire Engine Birthday by Angie Palmer (There are two backgrounds on the sheet and in addition to the topper you get lots of greetings panels and numbers.)
  3. With sympathy lily by Linda Whittles (In addition to the background and topper there are greetings panels, including a blank one.)
  4. Kitty by Sarah Lake (The topper on this one is a twisted pyramid.  Together with a square of background there’s a piece of paper ribbon as well.)
  5. Oval Roses Pyramage + Vellum by Sue Maycock (There’s an A5 panel of background together with a “Best Wishes” greeting and a blank greetings panel, together with the oval pyramid on the design sheet I used to make this.)

1Beautiful Vintage Fashion Lady DL Card Kit   2Wild Horse  3Silver Cross  4Rose Bouquet  5Yellow Flowers

  1. Beautiful Vintage Fashion Lady DL Card Kit by Ammie Sanders (The sheet had a wide strip of background together with the pyramid topper and a blank panel for greetings.)
  2. Wild Horse by Sarah Lake (This topper is a twisted pyramid and the sheet has a square of the background on it.)
  3. Silver Cross by Sheila Wilks (I only used a strip of the background accross the bottom corner in my card, but half the A4 sheet is a matching background to the cross topper.)
  4. Rose Bouquet by Angie Palmer (The sheet has two different backgrounds, 2 greetings paper ribbons, and several greetings panels inadditon to the rose bouquet topper.)
  5. Yellow Flowers by Sheila Wilks (In addition to the background, paper ribbon used as a stopper, and topper shown, the sheet also has some blank oval tags.)

CUP Newsletter Mailer

Another CUP Newsletter was sent out yesterday (18-5-11) and you can see it by clicking -> here.  The “New From” feature is highlighting “Joke Card Sheets” this time.  At the bottom of the sheet there’s a link to join the mailing list and receive free downloads for your own use.

Of course there’s also a mention of the “Wedding Card Competition – May 2011“.  There are already over 65 beautiful entries uploaded by card makers from around the world, but there’s still a week until the closing day of the 27th May for more cardmakers to upload.  So if you haven’t put in an entry yet there’s still time.  All you need to do is buy any sheet from CUP, use that sheet when making any Wedding Themed card, take a picture of the card (crop to frame the card nicely within the photo if needed), then upload your picture to the competition album within the gallery on Craftforums giving details of the sheet used and how you made the card.  If you are not already a member of Craftforums then it’s easy to join.  Just click -> here – you should then see a link to join at the top right hand corner. Craftforums is realy a great forum for crafters, so it’s well worth joining.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)