Sheets That Contain A Background Component – Post 2

This is the second blog post I’ve made highlighting cards I’ve made using design sheets that included a backing element.  You can see the first batch by clicking -> here.  There’s another post to come again following this theme as I’ve found even more of this style of sheet in my digital library.  As I said in my previous post – this type of design sheet is great for a cardmaker who wants to make quick cards as a co-ordinating background is on the sheet and saves us having to go and search through our crafting stash to find something suitable.Click on the links listed below each group of cards to go and see the design sheets themselves.

1Elephant silhouette  2Blue Lace  3blue topper & sheet 4For a chocolate lover  5Biker

  1. Elephant silhouette by Linda Whittles (The background element of the design sheet I used for this card is stunning.   The photo of the card doesn’t do the colours justice, so click through on the link to see the design sheet itself.)
  2. Blue Lace by Sheila Wilks (The backing has the strip of blue attached.  I think that this card would be great for a wedding of an older couple, or even an anniversary.)
  3. Blue topper & sheet by Linda Whittles (There’s an additional layer of the flower that can be decoupaged on if you want, or you can just make up a card just using the topper and background if you want.)
  4. For a chocolate lover by Linda Whittles (This sheet has a yummy, swirly, background.  There are extra layers of the chocolate that can be decoupaged onto the topper as well.)
  5. Biker by Sheila Wilks (Again there’s an extra layer of the bike that can be decoupaged onto the topper, but if you have dexterity problems that would make cutting this out difficult you can just use the background and topper.)

1Daffodil   2Chimpanzee 3D decoupage with background 3Blue cimerola’s 4Cool Teenage Girl  5Tiger Pyramid design

  1. Daffodil by Sue Maycock (The sheet has four layers to the decoupaged daffodil in additon to the daffodil background.  As the pettals are nicely rounded these are not difficult to cut out.  The ruffle edge of the central part are a bit more of a fiddle but are very forgiving of slight slip-ups.)
  2. Chimpanzee 3D decoupage with background by Liz Harrison (Another design where there are layers that can be decoupaged if you want.)
  3. Blue cimerola’s by Mary Tidbury (In addition to the topper and background there are three greetings panels on the sheet used to make this card, and also a couple of extra flowers to decoupage.)
  4. Cool Teenage Girl by Deborah Davies (The additional layers on this topper are rectangular, so no difficult cutting out involved in making this card.)
  5. Tiger Pyramid design by Amy Cummings (Another straight edged pyramid topper, this time with a long strip of background and half a dozen greetings panels.)

CUP Newsletter Mailer

Friday’s mailer from CUP can be seen by clicking – here. Crafty Bob and some of the CUP team have been at the craft show at Aintree this weekend.  Anybody been to see the crafty fellow and get a prize in his Tombola game?  Seems a “new and web based Crafty Bob Tombola game” is soon to be launched, so keep an eye out in the next newsletter as I’m sure there will be more about that soon.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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