Sheets That Contain A Background Component – Post 3

I’m now onto my third blog post highlighting card I’ve made using design sheets that included a background element.  You can see the first batch by clicking -> here, and the second by clicking -> here. Click on the links listed below each group of cards to go and see the design sheets themselves.

1Cute Little Puppy   2BLUE TIT ON AN APPLE BLOSSOM TREE BRANCH  3Westie1 pyramid with background  4Pretty Wild Roses Toppers, Ribbon & Background  5Vintage Lady In Frame Pyramid

  1. Cute Little Puppy by Linda Whittles (The sheet comes with a six layer pyramid, a paper ribbon strip and a stripy backing.)
  2. BLUE TIT ON AN APPLE BLOSSOM TREE BRANCH by Elaine Sheldrake (As well as the blue tit topper with side stacker panels the sheet contains a small piece of co-ordinating background.)
  3. Westie1 pyramid with background by Liz Harrison (With half a page of background, the small pyramid topper with many layers, you will also find some bones and water bowls and greetings panels on the sheet used to make this.)
  4. Pretty Wild Roses Toppers, Ribbon & Background by Ammie Sanders (The sheet has two identical toppers, a paper ribbon and the background.)
  5. Vintage Lady In Frame Pyramid by Deborah Davies (The background element on the page matches the background within the oval of the pyramid topper.)

1Cockatoo 3D decoupage with background   2Dolphins oval pyramid with background  3White Rabbit 3D decoupage with background  4Runner Bean Flowers  5Lion Cub

  1. Cockatoo 3D decoupage with background by Liz Harrison (This is a decoupage topper that comes with a half page of matching background, some greetings panels and some paper ribbons of seeds and bird feet footprints.  The decoupage itself isn’t too difficult to cut out as you are going around the bird’s body which is quite forgiving when cutting out.)
  2. Dolphins oval pyramid with background by Liz Harrison (The background on this one looks as if it is seen through a kaleidoscope.  The sheet also has blank greetings panels.)
  3. White Rabbit 3D decoupage with background by Liz Harrison (This rabbit looks great when the decoupaged layers are rounded and shaped before sticking in place.)
  4. Runner Bean Flowers by Linda Whittles (You’ll find a paper ribbon, paper bow, greetings panel, and background, in addition to the topper image, on the sheet.)
  5. Lion Cub by Sheila Wilks (In addition to the main lion cub image there’s a second layer of the cub itself to decoupage on top.  There are also a few blank tags on the sheet.)

CUP Newsletter Mailer

A copy of the contents of the E-mail sent out yesterday (23-5-11) can be seen -> here.

(Please note that where it says “LAST CALL for Competition Entrants, Entry will close and voting will begin at 5pm today (GMT).” that this is incorrect.  The previously advertised closing date is as per on the page for uploading your photos of your entry -> here – which says “Entry will be open until 27th May and the winner will be announced on June 1st.”)

 GIANT SPRING WOBBLE KITS! are just one type of cards that can be seen in this newsletter.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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