Square Toppers – 1

Little square cards can look really nice and make a change from rectangular cards, but square toppers don’t have to be only used on square cards.  Of course they could be used straight as they are as a card front on a card base the same size, or a shade larger, than themselves, but they can also be used on larger square cards when matted and layered and also used on other styles and shapes of cards such as A6, A5, A4, easel, etc.  Square Toppers come in a variety of styles.  Some are just ordinary toppers but many have added layers to build up in variations of pyramids or decoupage.  These are my first batch of  a variety of cards that include square toppers.  There will be more posts to highlight these in the future.

In this first batch you’ll see square cards where the card base is just about the same size as the square topper put on it.

1ROSE DIAMOND PEARLS & LACE BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY GET WELL  2Rugby Quick Card with pyramage  3Non-Religious Sympathy Quick Card  4Fluttery Butterfly Quick Card with Fan Pyramage Topper  5Corner Wavy side stacker

  1. ROSE DIAMOND PEARLS & LACE BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY GET WELL by Elaine Sheldrake (The sheet has round pyramid layers, so easy to cut out, and several greetings panels, so click through to have a look.)
  2. Rugby Quick Card with pyramage by Carol Clarke (This card is made up of lots of square pyramid layers and is the easiest type of card to cut out.  The sheet also has several greetings panels.)
  3. Non-Religious Sympathy Quick Card by Carol Clarke (The sheet comes with the main panel, a second layer of the central panel, and a third layer of the flowers to cut out and decoupage.  This last layer is the most difficult to cut out for those with dexterity problems but could be missed out and just the central panel added.  This sheet also has several greetings panels including a blank one.)
  4. Fluttery Butterfly Quick Card with Fan Pyramage Topper by Carol Clarke (This fan style of topper gives a different look to the finished card but doesn’t have anything intricate to cut out.)
  5. Flowers & Pearls Quick card with Corner Wavy side stacker by Carol Clarke (A sheet that comes with a handy little bookmark to give as a simple gift with the card.  The wavy edge of the corner stackers are not too difficult to cut out.)

The square toppers were put onto square cards larger than the topper and off set from the centre on this next batch.

1blue butterfly  2Cute Little Puppy  3Ginger cat pyramid  4Border Collie Pyramid Sheet  5Hide an’ Seek

  1. Blue butterfly step by step topper by Michelle Johnson (The topper was matched with the Blue butterfly vellum to make this card.  This is probably the most tricky to cut out as there are several layers to the butterfly, and the frame with the butterflies in the corner to cut.)
  2. Cute Little Puppy by Linda Whittles (The cutest of puppies this is a simple square pyramid so all the layers are easy to cut out.)
  3. Ginger cat pyramid by Sharon Poore (Another topper that’s just made out of square layers so an easy cut item.)
  4. Border Collie Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (This dog looks eager to please.  Yet another easy to cut square layer pyramid.)
  5. Hide an’ Seek by Carol Brown (The sheet that this image comes from consists of six square, one layer, toppers.  Great for making quick cards and suitable for children’s cards.)

In this batch I’ve got square toppers on rectangular card fronts.  Putting square toppers on rectangular card bases gives more of a chance to play around with matting and layering, use of backgrounds, and placement of greetings.

1Pamper Yourself Twisted Pyramid  2With sympathy lily  3Pink Rose & Pearl Pyramage  4Spring Flowers Quick Card With Wavy Spiral Side Stacker  5Fluttery Butterfly Twisted Pyramage sheet

  1. Pamper Yourself Twisted Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers (Twisted pyramids are just as easy as square pyramids to cut out but are built up on the twist which gives a different dimension to the finished card without any more difficult cutting.)
  2. With sympathy lily by Linda Whittles (The topper and the background are all straight cutting.  The greetings panels have a bit of shape at either end but are not particularly intricate.  The cross is my addition to this card and doesn’t come from the sheet.)
  3. Pink Rose & Pearl Pyramage by Karen Hughes (Everything on the sheet I used to make this card is only straight cutting.)
  4. Spring Flowers Quick Card With Wavy Spiral Side Stacker by Carol Clarke (The different dimension to this card is built up by building easy to cut wavy side stackers in from the sides rather than building up a pyramid in the centre.)
  5. Fluttery Butterfly Twisted Pyramage sheet by Carol Clarke (The sheet I used to make this card actually has two twisted pyramids of the same design on it, so double the value.)

CUP Newsletter Mailer

A copy of the newsletter that was sent out yesterday (25-5-11) can be seen by clicking -> here.  Those of you who went to the Creative Stitches & Hobbycraft show at Liverpool Aintree between 20-22nd May 2011 and went to see Crafty Bob can click on the link in the mailer to get your photo.  There are also some lovely new designs being highlighted, some 3D shop front cards, and some lovely cutting files of different names.

Crafty Bob’s Tombola went live online on Monday and there have been many winners of prizes.  In fact, there is a prize for everybody who enters.  The prizes given out so far range from a free download to £20.  Every time you place an order at craftsUprint you get an order number. You enter this order ID and your E-mail address on the Tombola page to see what you’ve won.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
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