Some CUP News and More Sheets That Contain A Background Component

Some CUP News

Anybody read the secret in Crafty Bob’s Blog?  His post “ssshhhhhh!!!” on the 27th will interest anybody who wants to save money while building up their crafty digital library.

If you’ve not been over yet to see the entries in the CUP “Wedding Card Competition – May 2011” please do so.  There are 90 entries this time from all around the world.  I’m sure that cardmakers, and crafters in general, will be interested to see the cards and read the descriptions that the cardmakers have put up with their pictures describing how they took a design from CUP and made it into their finished creation.  We all like picking up bits of inspiration from how others make up and embelish cards don’t we?

Those of you who are Craftforums members have until the end of this month to place your votes as the winner will be anounced on June 1st.  If you are not a member yet then you can join if you want to – we don’t bite – honest!

You’ll find links to episodes of CUP TV on Craftforums.  There are 72 episodes so far and in each one you’ll see a designer demonstrate how to make up on of their own designs.  So if you want to try something different but are a little put off because you don’t know how – now you can see exactly how to make it, and play it over and over again if you want.

Craftforums also has written/pictorial “Card Making Tutorials” where you can see how various card types are put together – probably more card types than you ever knew existed if you are a newcomer to the craft of cardmaking.

Crafty Bob’s Tombola has a long list of winners now.  With every entry winning something – please don’t forget to go to the page to enter if you’ve placed an order on CUP.

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!

Don’t forget that Crafty Bob’s Bingo is still running as well.  Send in an E-mail address you have used when placing an order with Craftsuprint and you’ll get sent a Bingo card that you can use to play every game.  They are currently looking for a House in Game 44.

Also Crafty Bob Treasure Hunt is still running.  An image of Crafty Bob waving is hidden somewhere on the CUP site.  The longer he remains unfound the higher the prize for finding him gets.  ‘The Bobpot’ currently stands at over £230.

Sheets That Contain A Background Component – Post 4

This is the fourth blog post I’ve made highlighting cards I’ve made using design sheets that included a background element.  You can see the first batch by clicking -> here, the second by clicking -> here, and the third -> here.

Click on the links listed below each group of cards to go and see the design sheets themselves.

 1Lakeland Lamb  2LILAC FLOWERS  3Nozzitellious  4Gone Fishing!  5Otters

  1. Lakeland Lamb by Sheila Wilks (Very little of the backing is visible in this picture as I wanted to make a square card from the sheet, but half the A4 sheet is background.  There are other elements on the sheet as well, so click through to have a look.)
  2. LILAC FLOWERS by Sheila Wilks (There are two identical toppers in addition to the background on the sheet I used to make this card.)
  3. Nozzitellious by Jolis DeAngelis (Realy lovely background and an easy to cut out topper were used on this card.)
  4. Gone Fishing! by Angie Palmer (The sheet used to make this has two different backgrounds, lots of greetings pannels, in addition to the topper.)
  5. Otters by Sheila Wilks (There is a large “Happy Birthday” greetings panel on the sheet in addition to the topper and background.)

1Summer Woodland  2Step By Step Fabulous Floral Lilac Feathered Edge Pyramid St  3Pansy topper  4Purple rhododendron  5Doberman Pinscher pyramid with background

  1. Summer Woodland by Angie Palmer (A very serene image, that’s easy to cutout and make up, that comes with a co-ordinating tartan background.)
  2. Step By Step Fabulous Floral Lilac Feathered Edge Pyramid St by Mandy Russell (This is a simple to make pyramid card but the background has a ribbon of pearls down the centre to make it extra special looking.)
  3. Pansy topper by Linda Whittles (The sheet has more than just a plain topper and background so please do click through and take a look.)
  4. Purple rhododendron by Linda Whittles (I split the background panel given on the sheet in two and used them on a foldback card.  So you don’t just have to make standard 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ cards whith this type of sheet – have a play around.)
  5. Doberman Pinscher pyramid with background by Liz Harrison (I just used a strip and a half of the background for this card, but did a cutaway on the front and placed a half strip on the edge with the second strip inside the back of the card so that the strips matched up exactly.)

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)