Discount, Card Competition and Square Toppers 2

CUP News

Another mailer came out from CUP yesterday.  You can see it by clicking -> here!

Two important things to note – the 20% discount voucher code runs out at midnight GMT tonight.  Don’t miss out on this great discount so make sure you place your order on the craftsUprint site before then.  Discount time is a great time to add variety to your digital library as well as get some of those staple backgrounds, etc., that can be used time and time again for matting and layering, boxes, card bases, etc.

Also the voting will soon close for the CUP “Wedding Card Competition – May 2011“.  The winner being announced tomorrow (1st June).  Please would everybody who’s a Craftforums member use their vote. With 90 entries there are plenty for you to choose from, so have a good look at them all, and the description of how they were made, and choose the card you think is the best to give your vote to.  Even if you are not Craftforum members you can still go and have a look – who knows, you may get inspiration for your own crafting.  You can even joining Craftforums as a member while you are there. We’re a very friendly bunch from around the world, so there’s always somebody around to give you help to settle in if you are at all nervous.

Square Toppers

Another post highlighting a small number of cards I’ve made that have square toppers on them today.  I’ll come back to this topic again as I’ve got lots more cards to show  you that come into the “square toppers” category.  The first post in this series, that I made on the 26-5-11 and can be seen -> here – showed “square cards where the card base is just about the same size as the square topper put on it”, “The square toppers were put onto square cards larger than the topper and off set from the centre” and “square toppers on rectangular card fronts”.  Today I’m just going to show you some square toppers put onto easel cards and some square toppers put onto large 8″ square cards.

The square toppers have been put onto easel cards in this first batch.

1Yellow Flowers  2Rose Pyramid Decoupage Mix N Match  3Piggywig Quick Card with Decoupage

  1. Yellow Flowers by Sheila Wilks (The sheet I used to make this had the paper ribbon of smaller images as well as the co-ordinating background on it so it worked well as a whole when made up as an easel card.)
  2. Shabby Chic Rose Pyramid Decoupage Mix N Match by Ammie Sanders (Pyramid toppers are easy to cut out and put together, and this time I used a co-ordinating easel card base – Shabby Chic Rose Easel Card Base 2 Mix N Match – to make this lovely card.)
  3. Piggywig Quick Card with Decoupage by Carol Clarke (The main image and the central square were easy to cut out, as was the bookmark.  There was a bit more of a fiddle with the decoupage layers of the piggywig on top, but you could leave these off if you wished to make a flatter card.  I didn’t attach the central topper all the way around so left a pocket to put in the bookmark.)

Square Toppers Used On 8″ Square Cards

1Giraffe Pyramid  218th Metallic Age Quick Card with Twisted Pyramage  3Jungle Buddies - Monkey

  1. Giraffe Pyramid by Chris Harland (The only addition to the sheet, other than the base card is a piece of torn tissue which is printed with a giraffe skin pattern and two googley eyes.  It was enough to make a large, and much talked about, card.)
  2. 18th Metallic Age Quick Card with Twisted Pyramage by Carol Clarke (This time the only additions were spraying the 8″ square card with glitter spray and matting the base image onto a dark iridescent card that had been trimmed with a fancy edge cutter.)
  3. Jungle Buddies – Monkey by Sarah Grant (Nothing has been actually added to the 8″ card to make this card.  I simply embellished by making some paper piercing swirls in the corners – Border and corner paper piercing templates – and then, rather than building the monkey up as decoupage I offset over the edge of the square to give a card with several monkeys.)

I hope I’ve shown with this last batch that large cards can be made with smaller square toppers with little addition.  These same toppers could be used on cards the same size as the topper, but they don’t have to be just used like that.  Give your crafty imagination a bit of a stretch and you can make bigger cards as well.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)