Discount Code Extended! + Square Toppers – Post 3

CUP News

The great news in the mailer that came out from CUP HQ yesterday is that they have extended the discount code until the 3rd.  Please read the mailer – here – for further details.  You’ll see that there’s also a showcase of some of the CUP Silver Designers’ work, the winner of the May card competition, some different pop-up card styles, and much more.  Well worth a look.

I must say I was totally wrong when I said that I thought the result of the “Wedding Card Competition – May 2011” would be a close thing this time, as, despite there being a lot of very worthy cards uploaded, there was a runaway winner in the end as far as the number of votes cast for it was concerned.  If you click – here – you can go and see the end result.  As has been said in Craftforums, there were many stunning and deserving cards who got no votes, but unfortunately we were only allowed to place one vote each.  The pity is that so few Craftforum members actually cast their vote.  Also, looking at the number of “Views: ..” each card got, there were a lot of cards with less views (as low as 27) than the total number of votes cast, which means that some people were deciding which card to give their vote to without actually looking in detail at all the cards themselves, and reading which cup sheet was used and the description of how the card was made. I don’t think myself that the thumbnail images, being so small, show up enough of the card detail for a judgement to be made on the best quality of card as far as design and craftsmanship is concerned.

Square Toppers

As the title of this post suggests, this is the third one I’ve dome where I’m highlighting some cards made with square toppers.  You can see the first one – here – and the second – here.  As I’ve said in previous posts, these type of toppers can be made up into many different styles of cards.  You’ll also find square toppers that can be used for lots of different occasions.

Easter and Christmas

1Little Easter Bunny - Pyramid  2Bunny & Chick Easter Card Toppers  3Christmas Kings  4Stained Glass Angel Twisted Pyramid  5NATIVITY SCENE SQUARE SPIRAL EDGE STACKER CHRISTMAS CARD

  1. Little Easter Bunny – Pyramid by Julene Harris (A simple to cut out and make pyramid card which I simply finished off with a ribbon of various colours tied in a bow.)
  2. Bunny & Chick Easter Card Toppers by Mary Jane Harris (There were two toppers, each with a few pieces to decoupage on, on the sheet I used to make this card.)
  3. Christmas Kings by Allison Finegan (A decoupage design for Christmas, but the decoupage isn’t too difficult to cut out as the pieces are not really intricate.)
  4. Stained Glass Angel Twisted Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers (The twisted nature of this pyramid gives it a different dimensional look, but it’s still all straight cutting so easy to make.)
  5. NATIVITY SCENE SQUARE SPIRAL EDGE STACKER CHRISTMAS CARD by Elaine Sheldrake (The dimension of this card is built up by putting strips of the image around the outside in a spiral, so very easy to cut out as again this card is all straight edge cutting.)

Mother’s Day

1Hedgehog Quick Card Twisted Spiral Side Stacker  2Meerkat Mum & Babies 3D decoupage  3Rosie’s Flower Cut and Fold Quick Card  4Iris star  5Summer Garden- Shell edged Corner Stacker

  1. Hedgehog Quick Card Twisted Spiral Side Stacker by Carol Clarke (Only straight cutting for this card.  It’s built up using pieces coming in from the sides.)
  2. Meerkat Mum & Babies 3D decoupage by Liz Harrison (Probably the most fiddly decoupage card on show on this page as far as cutting out is concerned, but the image does make a lovely card.)
  3. Rosie’s Flower Cut and Fold Quick Card by Carol Clarke (A really quick print, cut, fold card, so an excellent one to have in your digital library for when a quick card is needed.  It can be embellished with gems and glitter, and could be used as a get well, thank you, or for lots of occasions in addition to Mother’s Day.)
  4. Iris star by Julie Green (Flowers are a safe bet for a good Mother’s Day card, but this one is a it special as the layers are all star shaped.  This means that they are still easy to cut out but give a different look to the built up card.)
  5. Summer Garden- Shell edged Corner Stacker by June Young (Another type of dimensional layers this time. The scallops are quite big so not very difficult to cut out.  You could mat and layer the image to frame it better than I’ve done here.)

Father’s Day

1Kick the Ball Twisted Pyramid  2Football Cut and Fold Card  3Good Boy, Rover! - Decoupage Card  4Bottles of Wine Triangle Stacker  5Wild Horse

  1. Kick the Ball Twisted Pyramid by Diane Furniss (Straight edges to cut, but a different dimension to the finished card with the twist.)
  2. Football Cut and Fold Card by Carol Clarke (This is again a print, cut, fold card, but this time I’ve added a twisted pyramid to the front for dimension.  For a quick card you don’t actually need to do this.)
  3. Good Boy, Rover! – Decoupage Card by Julene Harris (A fun card, but it does have decoupage, some of which isn’t the easiest to cut out, but you don’t have to use all the layers.  Perhaps you only want to add an extra tie layer.)
  4. Bottles of Wine Triangle Stacker by Sarah Edwards (Only straight cutting for this corner stacker.  I built up the design onto an acetate card for something a bit different.)
  5. Wild Horse by Sarah Lake (The strong masculine colours make this card suitable for men.  It’s easy to cut out and make as the layers are all straight edged but built up in a spiral for a different dimension.)


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)