Cards All On One Sheet – 1 plus CUP Mailer

In this blog post I’ll be showing you some of the variety of sheets that are available where the whole card base is actually on the design sheet.  With these types of all-in-one designs – provided you are able to print onto good quality card-stock – you don’t need to go looking for a suitably sized base card to stick your card front onto.  With many of these you have added elements to add dimension but you can also add further embellishments as you wish.  Sometimes further co-ordinating sheets are available to add elements that give dimension to the finished card.  If you click on the links listed below each group of cards to go and see the design sheets themselves and see exactly what comes as part of the card before I’ve added to it myself.

This first set are all Print, Cut, Fold cards, with only straight cutting involved, even for the last two where I’ve added spiral stackers.  The first three I’ve added a bit of embellishment, but not a lot, and the additions could be left off all of them.

1Green Butterfly Birthday /Congratulations Card  2Rosie’s Flower Cut and Fold Quick Card  3Butterfly Lace Cut and Fold Quick Card  4Hedgehog Cut and Fold Card  5Football Cut and Fold Card

  1.  Green Butterfly Birthday /Congratulations Card by Anna Babajanyan (I printed the design onto good quality, glossy, photo card and simply decorated with faux gems and a ribbon bow after trimming, scoreing and folding)
  2. Rosie’s Flower Cut and Fold Quick Card by Carol Clarke (Once this card was printed, cut and folded I just used some gel pens and Sakura clear stardust pen to embellish.)
  3. Pansy on Butterfly Lace Cut and Fold Quick Card by Carol Clarke (Some crystal glitter and a bow were what I added as embellishments to this card.)
  4. Hedgehog Cut and Fold Card by Carol Clarke (After printing, cutting and folding this card I used the Hedgehog Quick Card Twisted Spiral Side Stacker to give the card dimension.)
  5. Football Cut and Fold Card by Carol Clarke (This is another card that I’ve used the co-ordinating twisted spiral side stacker to add dimension.)

This second batch are fold-back cards, the last one being a No hole fold-back which makes it easier to cut out as the ordinary fold-back cards require the right hand side of the central front panel to be cut out before folding.

1Men’s Ties Fold Back Card with Decoupage  2New Baby Boy Fold Back  3Pink Vintage Rose Fold Back  4Magenta Flower Fold Back Card  5Golf No-Hole Fold Back Card

  1. Men’s Ties Fold Back Card with Decoupage by Carol Clarke (With Father’s Day coming in the UK this would be a good card to make for that occasion.  The title tells you it’s a decoupage card, but the decoupage are the ties, so nothing difficult to cut.)
  2. New Baby Boy Fold Back by Eva Cano (Six greetings panels come with this card, one of which is blank for your own message.  Click through to see what’s on the other five.)
  3. Pink Vintage Rose Fold Back by Eva Cano (This card has invertage added elements to give it dimension.)
  4. Magenta Flower Fold Back Card by Jo Gethin (This card was simply finished off with some ribbon and a bow, together with some white border peel-offs around the central image.  You probably need to click through to see the card itself at the bottom of the page to see this added peeloff.  You’ll see that the sheet itself has no less than 10 greetings panels.)
  5. Golf No-Hole Fold Back Card by Carol Clarke (The easiest type of fold back cards to cut out as you don’t need to cut around the right side of the image inside the card.)

This batch of five cards are diamond top spring cards.

1Cute teddy with strawberries spring card  2Celebration Diamond Top Card  3Purple fairy spring card kit  4Cuddly Tiger Pop Up Spring Card  5Cute Wise Owl Pop Up Spring Card

  1. Cute teddy with strawberries spring card by Ammie Sanders (Straight edge cutting for the card itself and for the pyramid of the image to add dimension.)
  2. Celebration Diamond Top Card by Deborah Davies (There are a few small elements to cut out to decoupage, such as the glasses and ribbon, but if you find these too fiddly you can just make up the card without.)
  3. Purple fairy spring card kit by Ammie Sanders (Another with a straight edged pyramid as added dimension.)
  4. Cuddly Tiger Pop Up Spring Card by Katy Kinsey (The tiger image to decoupage on this card is easy to cut out as there are no really intricate pieces.)
  5. Cute Wise Owl Pop Up Spring Card by Katy Kinsey (The tufts on the owl’s head are the most fiddly things to cut out on this card, but if you chop them off on one layer and cut around them on the other you’ll still see them and it looks fine.)

CUP Update Mailer

If you haven’t seen the latest mailer that was sent out from CUP HQ yesterday (03-06-2011) then you can see it by clicking – here.

They’ve announced the next card-making competition.  It will be the “June 2011 Female Birthday Competition”.  The requirement is to make any Female Birthday Themed card using any download from Craftsuprint!  Completed cards are to be uploaded to the competition gallery – here.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)