Square Toppers – Post 4 and Congratulations Carol Clarke

Square Toppers
Another post showcasing cards I’ve made that have square toppers on them again today.  Until I started collecting together all my images of cards which had square toppers together I didn’t realise quite how many I had.  I think there are probably enough for me to do one or two further posts on the theme at some point in addition to this one and the three I’ve already made.  You can see the first one – here – and the second – here, and third – here.

A bookmark came on the sheet with the first three cards I’m showing.  I attached the bookmark to the card front using a ribbon on one, by making a pocket from a co-ordinating background for another, but left the bookmark loose, to be put inside the card, for the third.  The sheets used are all by the designer Carol Clarke.

1ittle Chick Quick Card with Pyramage  2Flower Filled Wheelbarrow Quick Card Circle Pyramage Topper  3Just Roses Quick Card with Wavy Corner side stacker Topper

  1. Little Chick Quick Card with Pyramage (This topper has just straight edges to cut as it is a simple pyramid.)
  2. Flower Filled Wheelbarrow Quick Card Circle Pyramage Topper (No intricate cutting but the pyramid is circular, rather than square, this time.)
  3. Just Roses Quick Card with Wavy Corner side stacker Topper (This time the dimension is built up with wavy corner side stacker layers.  Nothing very difficult to cut out and very forgiving if the wave isn’t quite even, so long as you don’t leave any white bits.)

Some more square toppers used on rectangular cards.  You will notice the totally different looks achieved.  The first one is a specialist card called a Waterfall Card which has some movement of the toppers when the tab is pulled. The second one uses another design from the “Just Roses” series as used in the third card with bookmark above.

1Blue Butterfly Waterfall  2Just Roses Twisted Pyramage sheet  3blue topper & sheet  4Oriental Garden Ladies Spiral Edge Stacker  5Classroom Pyramid and Border Design

  1. Blue Butterfly Waterfall by Russ Smith (Although it may look complicated, all the pieces needed to create the waterfall mechanism are on the sheet.  All you need are a couple of brads or two pieces of strong double sided tape to attach it to your chosen card front, and it’s all easy cutting as well.)
  2. Just Roses Twisted Pyramage sheet by Carol Clarke (There are two twisted pyramid toppers on the sheet, so great value as you can get two cards from one printout.  You will see that I used a piece of the matching Just Roses matching Backing Paper as well, another piece of which was used to hold the bookmark on the card in the set above.)
  3. Blue Topper & Sheet by Linda Whittles (The sheet used to make this has a square topper, a flower to cut out and decoupage if you want, though you could leave the extra layer off if you find it to fiddly to cut, and a background element, plus a greetings panel and a paper ribbon.  Everything to make a card in whichever style you want all on one sheet.)
  4. Oriental Garden Ladies Spiral Edge Stacker by Ann-marie Vaux (The dimension is built up by sticking strips of the image around the edge in a spiral.  You get as much or as little dimension as you want by varying the depth of the foam tape you use.  As it’s just strips that are used it’s all straight cutting and easy to do.)
  5. Classroom Pyramid and Border Design by Amy Cummings (This time I’ve made a tent fold, landscape, card and kept it small.)

Update from CUP Land

It was announced in the mailer that was sent out on the 8th that the CUP Premier Designer Carol Clarke has gone “Titanium” – the first CUP designer to do so.  A HUGE Congratulations Carol!

You may be wondering what Carol had to do to get this accolade – well Carol has now sold 50,000 sheets and kits on the craftsUprint site.  Wow!  Now that’s a lot.  But it doesn’t surprise me as Carol is an expert designer, who creates her own graphics, rather than buying designer resources in, and creates so many design sheets and kits that we as cardmakers love to buy.  I recon I’ve got around 60 of her sheets myself, so I feel another Blog post highlighting her designs coming up over the weekend, so keep an eye out for that.

There’s over 40 entries so far uploaded to the card gallery for the “June 2011 Female Birthday Competition”.   There’s plenty of time to get yours made and uploaded if you want to enter.  The rules are “Make any Female Birthday Themed card using any download from Craftsuprint! Entry will be open until 24th June and the winner will be announced on July 1st.”


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)