New Cards I’ve Made – June 2011

I actually managed to put together a few cards yesterday, as well as get tidy pictures taken and get the pictures uploaded to craftsUprint.  Mind you, I had done the printing and cutting before then, and I have several more to do.  But it’s a start.

Two of the cards involved backgrounds as well as toppers of various sorts so there are 12 CUP sheets involved.

Have a look at the card pictures, and if you like the look of any then click through on the links beneath and you’ll get taken to the sheet I used so you too could have a go at making them.  But you don’t have to make them up the same way as I did.  I’m sure you can come up with other ideas.

1Metalic Blue Butterfly Envelope Card  2Romantic Butterflies in Peppermint Green  3White Rose  4GROOM 2  5Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Rosa Double Delight

  1.  Metalic Blue Butterfly Envelope Card by Deborah Davies (The cutting round the “envelope” flap and the butterfly wings is not too difficult, so quite an easy card to make up, but very striking.)
  2. Romantic Butterflies in Peppermint Green by Rebecca Brindley (What could be easier to cut out and three straight edged panels, and with the base card simply being an A4 sheet scored twice the whole card is easy to make.  I just added some glitter for a bit of sparkle, though I could have matted and layered the panels or put some peel-offs round the edge as well – there are lots of possible ways to embellish if you wish, and lots of possible uses, such as DL card fronts or bookmarks)
  3. White Rose by Barbara Alderson and Luscious Berries A5 Card Front or insert by Carol Clarke (The rose is decoupaged so the cutting isn’t all straight edges, but the flower itself and the leaves are reasonably easy to cut as they are quite chunky, the most fiddly bit was round the butterfly, though I don’t think it’s very intricate.)
  4. GROOM 2 by Carol Brown and Wedding Dress Vellum by Michelle Johnson (A paper punch was used to give intricate detailing to this card, and the topper itself is just a simple to cut oval, so this card was a very easy one to put together.
  5. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Rosa Double Delight by Judith Flavel (Just cutting round the layers involved in making this card, and the layers are marked to show where the next layer is to go, so it’s very easy to put together as well.)

1Boy in the Rain Pyramid  2Pansies  3Beautiful Lily Wedding Cake  4Spring Bouquet - Quick Card  5Jeweled Cross With Roses Fancy Shaped Topper/ Front 2

  1.  Boy in the Rain Pyramid by Sarah Edwards (A straight edged pyramid topper so easy to cut and easy to put together.  I just put some clear glaze on the raindrops and some metallic marker round the outside edge to embelish.  Such a happy picture.)
  2. Pansies by Tom Curtis (“Bookmark” toppers really are great.  Use as bookmarks or as toppers on a DL card, or even use more than one on a “screen” or panel card.)
  3. Beautiful Lily Wedding Cake by Susan Heanes (This design had more intricate cutting involved, but I have to admit to only cutting out one layer of the wedding cake to decoupage and only two of the butterflies to embellish, and it still makes a lovely card, so don’t think you always have to use everything on a design sheet.  You can even just use the base image with the scalloped edge if you want.)
  4. Spring Bouquet – Quick Card by Julene Harris (A design that suits so many occasions, from Get Well to birthday, from Mother’s Day to Sympathy, and very easy to cut out and make as well.  A good design to have in your digital library.)
  5. Jeweled Cross With Roses Fancy Shaped Topper/ Front 2 by Anna Babajanyan (This shape is easy to cut out and makes a stunning topper.  If you wanted to print it more than ones you could decoupage bits of it as well, but I used it as a simple topper.)

Update from CUP Land

There are now over 60 entries to the “June 2011 Female Birthday Competition” uploaded to the card gallery.  Even if you’ve not been a craftsUprint customer in the past there’s still enough time to go to the site, buy a few designs and make up a card to enter.  £5 worth of sheets or kits is the minimum order and it would be a good way to start a digital library of card-making designs if you’ve not done so already.  The rules are simple “Make any Female Birthday Themed card using any download from Craftsuprint! Entry will be open until 24th June and the winner will be announced on July 1st.”  In my last post I said that I had made my card but was waiting for the rain to stop, and some sunlight to come out, so that I could take a picture of my entry to upload.  Well this is now done.  So all I’ve got to do now is wait for the voteing and hope I get a few votes.  Don’t expect I’ll win as there are some really stunning cards uploaded this time.

Craftforums is a great craft forum provided by the lovely team at craftsUprint HQ for crafters of all ability and designers to chat together.  So if you are not already a member why don’t you consider joining.  If you’ve ever struggled to find just the right design for a card, you know what you want but just can’t find anything suitable, then Craftforums has a great section called “Ask An Expert / Designer” where you can not only ask anybody on the forum if they can help you with a specific problem or query, but you can also put out a request to the designers to see if they can come up with just the right design for your needs.  Many CUP customers have been very happy with the positive response from the designers to various requests, so give it a try.

The other things that are still ongoing on the CUP site include:

“Crafty Bob’s Bingo” – The £100 prize for the Bingo was won yesterday.  But never fear, a new game has started and we are currently looking for four corners and the centre for game 47 – the prize being £20.

“Crafty Bob Treasure Hunt” – Bob is still in hiding and the “Bob Pot”, that goes to the person who finds Crafty Bob waving, is currently nearing £120 – so who’s going to find him this time?

“Crafty Bob’s Tombola” – With every order from craftsUprint getting an entry into the tombola, and every entry into the tombola winning a price you can be sure of getting something from the range of prices that goes from a Free Download to a £20 Gift Voucher, so if you do place an order on the site don’t forget to go to the Tombola to find out what your prize is.

Crafty Bob’s Blog” –  Don’t forget to check out Crafty Bob’s Blog periodically.  Sometimes he puts up discount codes there, as well as information about what’s going on on the craftsUprint site.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)