Cards All On One Sheet – 4; + CUP Mailer

Just a short post today showcasing only a small number of cards.

I’ve already made three posts over the last couple of months highlighting cards that can be made from one printed sheet.  All you need is suitable card to print onto and a printer that’s capable of printing onto card, or print onto printable paper and stick onto a card sheet before making up into the finished card.

Cards All On One Sheet – 1 : posted 04/06/2011 : can be seen – here.

Cards All On One Sheet – 2 : posted 07/06/2011 : can be seen – here.

Cards All On One Sheet – 3 : posted 05/07/2011 : can be seen – here.

This first batch are quite bright and would be suitable for children through to teens.  With the trifold cards you could simply cut each panel apart and use as toppers on tall cards or as bookmarks, which would give you even more cards per sheet.

1Ladies Accessories Tri Fold Quick Card  2friends out on the town  3Stained Glass Xmas Nativity, Shaped Card  4Brigit Fairy Flip Card Sheet

  1. Ladies Accessories Tri Fold Quick Card by Lorraine Smith (A cut, score, fold card which I simply embellished with some peel-offs.)
  2. Friends out on the town by Angela Wake (Although in this example I chose to cut out each panel and mount them onto a separate card, this card could be made up as a print, cut and fold card the same as the previous one.)
  3. Stained Glass Xmas Nativity, Shaped Card by Sheila Rodgers (Another quick one where the only embellishment added was some peel-offs around each panel.)
  4. Brigit Fairy Flip Card Sheet by Katy Kinsey (This card looks a bit different as the topper flips on an axle of cocktail sticks, but it is still made from one printed card and the cutting is quite simple.)

This small group is more for religious events, such as Christmas and a church wedding.

God Bless you at Christmas Mary in the Manger 2Angel Wobble Card  3Wedding Chappel with Bride & Groom 5 Minute Easel Card

  1. God Bless you at Christmas Mary in the Manger by Sally McIntyre  (Having a double fold-back card is unusual, and this one is a bit like looking in magic mirrors as you see the image repeated backwards, but it is still just straight cutting, although you’ll need a craft knife for the neatest job on the inside edges of the fold-backs.)
  2. Angel Wobble Card by Deborah Davies (A simple wobble card with an image of an angel with a book to decoupage on top.)
  3. Wedding Chappel with Bride & Groom 5 Minute Easel Card by Ammie Sanders (Easel cards are popular right now, and this one is great because it is easy to do and even has some decoupage dimension on the front.)

CUP Update Mailer

Anybody who’s not had a look at all the CUP designs that have been showcased in the latest mailer sent out by CUP can click – here – to go and have a look.  From a Stationery Holder to butterflies, from easel cards to vintage Christmas, then throw in some scrapbooking papers – there’s a lot of variety to be seen.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)