More items I’ve made in July 2011 + CUP Update

I’ve made a few new items lately.  Here are some of them, cards first then some varied items:

1Cat at the stable  2Scottish Red Kilt Groom Wedding  3Red Hibiscus  4POPPY FIELD WITH DAISIES & FORGET ME NOTS Birthday  5Horse and Tractor Zigzag Stacker

  1. Cat at the stable by Carole Scorer (This is an easy card to make as it only requires straight and wavy cutting out with no really intricate pieces.  However you mount it onto a card, whether as a whole card front or matted and layered onto a larger card as I’ve done, I’m sure it will be hit with the recipient.)
  2. Scottish Red Kilt Groom Wedding by Vicki Avcin (The base layer and the central topper layer are just straight cutting so are easy to do, the third layer does require cutting around the bride and groom.  I snipped around the corner of the kilt that’s attached to the bride’s dress to cut the panel between their bodies out.  I left the area between the bodies and elbows without cutting.  After shaping and gluing you can’t see the cut between kilt and dress.)
  3. Red Hibiscus by Linda Whittles (Simple, straight cut, pyramid topper, together with a background area, make this an easy card to make.  I only actually used half the layers to keep the card profile low for posting so have more layers that I can use on another card.)
  4. POPPY FIELD WITH DAISIES & FORGET ME NOTS Birthday by Elaine Sheldrake (Wavy edges to the side stacker on this topper mean that there’s nothing really intricate to cut out, although they are a bit more of a fiddle than straight edged side stackers.  Such a lovely painted image has been used in this topper design.)
  5. Horse and Tractor Zigzag Stacker by Sarah Edwards (Although a zigzag side stacker the zigs and zags are quite long so it is easy to cut out.)

1Celtic background purple 2  2Shabby Chic Rose Mix N Match designs  3Brides Keepsake Horseshoe Ivory 2

  1. Celtic background purple 2 by Sheila Rodgers (Just printed the background onto good quality card and used my Hoogie Board to score in the relevant places to make this box attached to a card. Made this ready to place in a bracelet I’m planning on making.  Keep an eye out in my blog during the next week or so as I’m sure a picture will appear once I’ve got it finished.)
  2. Shabby Chic Rose Mix N Match – Toppers; Backing Paper; Insert; Envelope by Ammie Sanders ( The card and the box for the gift is made from one sheet of the backing printed onto good quality card.  The card has only one of the many toppers on the sheet matted onto silver paper attached to the front and the insert on the inside.  The set is simply finished off with the matching envelope.  Nothing here is complicated to cut out or make up.)
  3. Brides Keepsake Horseshoe Ivory 2 by Wendy Bromilow (I’ve made another of these horseshoes again.  They can be used as a bride’s keepsake or as a topper on a wedding card.  There are a lot of flowers to cut out so a lot of time needs to be allowed for this, but other than that it isn’t difficult to make.)

CUP Update:

Mailer – There have been two mailers send out by craftsUprint since I last posted to my blog.  You can see the one from Monday, 18th July -> here – and the one from today, Wednesday, 20th July -> here.  Please click through to have a look at the large number of varied cards on show.  Ever heard of “Slide Inside Card Kits”?  Or what about “3d Animated Movable Head Wobble Cards”?  If you have a look at both mailers you’ll see what they are and find links to tutorials on how to make them up.

Competition –  Entry to the July Card Making Competition will be closing soon, on the 22nd. Voting will then start, with the winner being announced on the 29th.

The guidelines this time are “Make any Male Birthday Themed card using any download from Craftsuprint!  Entry will be open until 22nd July and the winner will be announced on July 29th. ONE ENTRY PER USER! The winner will receive a specially commissioned Craftsuprint ‘July 2011’ Crystal Crafter Trophy and a £25 CUP Gift Voucher! Everyone who enters will receive a freebie. PLEASE ENTER THE CUP NUMBER WITH YOUR UPLOAD.”

There are currently 62 entries, but if your entry isn’t uploaded yet you’ve still got time to uploaded.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)