More Items Created July 2011 + CUP Competition and Mailer

I’ve had quite a few sheets printed off and cut out ready to make cards for a while, but just wasn’t getting any inspiration to put them together.  This morning I decided to get on with making some of them up and these are what I came up with (if you click on the thumbnail images you’ll get taken to a larger version of the card photo, and if you click on the link you’ll get taken to the page that I got the design sheet from – you too could make similar cards in your own style) :-

1BLUE TIT & APPLE BLOSSOM BIRD DECOUPAGE OR QUICK CARD FRONT  2The yellow lilly  3Trio of Pink Roses  4Santa Twinkle Pyramid Sheet Background 1  5Hemerocallis

  1. BLUE TIT & APPLE BLOSSOM BIRD DECOUPAGE OR QUICK CARD FRONT by Elaine Sheldrake (This card has decoupage on it, though it could be made up as a quick card front.  Because of the rounded shape of the bird the decoupage isn’t too difficult to cut out and does add dimension to the finished card.)
  2. The yellow lilly by Julie Green (This easy to make pyramid topper is simply stuck onto a square base card that has been pre-scored and pre-decorated with a cutout pattern.)
  3. Trio of Pink Roses by Judith Flavel (This is another decoupage topper, and again the layers are reasonably easy to cut out because of the rounded shape of the layers without too many intricate ins and outs.)
  4. Santa Twinkle Pyramid Sheet Background 1 by Carol Lepard (A nice and easy to make Christmas card with a pyramid topper and some background to co-ordinate all on one sheet.)
  5. Hemerocallis by Tom Curtis (This card was simply made by taking one of the many toppers on the sheet, matting and layering it firstly onto silver mirror paper and then onto a decorative card base.  Some more of the mirror paper was put behind the front of the card base so that it showed through the cut-outs that were already in the pre-prepared card base when I bought it.)

1Celtic background blue on blue  2Santa Pyramids  3Pink tree pyramid

  1. Celtic background blue on blue by Sheila Rodgers (An example of making a box from a sheet of card printed with a background.  Always an useful thing to have for giving small gifts, and having one in this Celtic design in a blue colourway means that it can be used for a gift for a man.)
  2. Santa Pyramids by Ammie Sanders (A simple to make card, just a straight edged pyramid matted and layered onto silver mirror card before being stuck to the front of a red A6 card.  It was just finished off with a greeting banner.  Just the sort of card that’s needed for Christmas when large numbers are required.)
  3. Pink tree pyramid by Linda Whittles (Again a simple to cut and put together pyramid, this time a small topper made into a larger card with the use of some ribbon and faux gems.)

Let’s hope I get some inspiration and some energy to put together another batch before long.

CUP Update:

Competition – Did you have a look at the competition entries in the CUP card making competition entitled “July 2011 Male Birthday Competition” that I pointed you to in my last post?  Did you take a look at all the entries and take a guess at which one might be mine?  Think you guessed right?  I’m still not going to tell you which one until the competition is closed and the winner announced, which should be on the 29th July.  So you’ll just have to wait until then.

If you haven’t been for a look then please do go into the competition gallery – here – to have a look at all the entries.  There are over 65 different entries submitted, so just having a look is sure to give you some inspiration for cardmaking for the males of the species – whatever their age.  If you are a Craftforums member then please to study all the cards entered and place your vote.

Mailer – A copy of the E-mail sent out on the 25th July can be seen by clicking – here.  There are lots of lovely design sheets and kits being shown which were created by the craftsUprint Bronze designers – including an absolutely stunning paper-craft keepsake called “3D Fairytale Horse and Carriage – GSD” created by Anne Huxter.  Of course there’s also the usual mix of news update and completed cards to be seen in the mailer too.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)