Cardmaking Competition Result, etc.

CUP Update:  

Card Making Competition – Back in my blog post of the 22/08/2011, which you can see – here – I said that I had uploaded an entry into the competition to make any Pet Themed card, using any download from Craftsuprint, but that I wouldn’t tell you which was mine until after the voting had finished.  Well the voting has now finished and the winner announced, so here’s a picture of the card I made.

Pet Competition Card

 The sheet I used was – cup223755_1030 : She was proud of her borders. Dog gardener. Wavy Stacker.

If you click – here – you can go to the page in the competition gallery where the card is displayed.  There’s a description of how I made the card included on the page.

You can see all the entries, including the final result, by clicking -> here.  My card came in joint 7th with 4 votes.  Thank you very much to all those who took the time to look at my card, those who left such nice comments underneath it, and a special thank you to those who voted for it.

CUP Newsletter Mailer –  There have been two E-mail mailers sent out by CUP since I wrote my last post.  One late afternoon of the 29th, which you can see by clicking – here.  And one today, the 31st, which you can see by clicking – here.  There are a lot of really lovely sheets and kits that you can buy and use in your card-making and paper crafting being highlighted in both of them, so please click through for a look.

Craftsuprint Discount –  As the discount is only available until Midnight GMT on the 31st August 2011 there is very little time left to take advantage of it.  So if you want to save 20% off your order from CUP then now’s the time to act.  Simply type the word ‘PRINTS’ into the REDEEM VOUCHER box on the basket page BEFORE you check out, then click UPDATE BASKET.  And don’t forget that every order placed gets a free go on the Crafty Bob’s Tombola where you can win prizes that range from a free design sheet chosen at random from the site to a £20 Voucher to spend on the site.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)


Cards of the Moment, etc

Cards of the Moment:

As I’m writing this (Monday 29th August at 2.50pm in the UK) I have three of my cards chosen as “Card Gallery Item of the Moment” by the designers who’s designs I used to make the cards.

Thank you very much to each of the designers concerned.

Of course, by the time you read this blog post, the designers may have changed their choice of “Card of the Moment” but you can still click through to see the actual designs and cards.

1Winter scene 002  2Golden Wedding Aniversary Card - Back  3Butterly Oval Frame

  1. Winter scene 002 by Astrid Spijkers (This is a simple card front with pyramid layers to the centre section.  All straight cutting so easy to make.)
  2. GSD Petal Power 2 by Angela Burke (This item is a cutting file for a CraftROBO, so although it looks very intricate the work is done by the electronic cutting machine, not by the card-maker.  I used the cut petal power panel as a framed greetings panel on the back of a Bookatrix card to make it extra special.  Don’t forget that, when you make a beautiful front to your cards the inside or back can also be decorated.)
  3. Butterly Oval Frame – GSD by Anne Huxter (Another cutting file for a CraftROBO.  I’ve used the Butterfly Oval Frame as a main focal point with some of the loose butterflies “flying” in the centre.)

CUP Update:  

Craftsuprint Discount –  Yes – A whole 20% Discount!!!  And this discount is available until Midnight GMT on the 31st August 2011.  Simply type the word ‘PRINTS’ into the REDEEM VOUCHER box on the basket page BEFORE you check out, then click UPDATE BASKET, to save a whopping 20% off your total order value from craftsUprint!  And don’t forget that every order placed gets a free go on the Crafty Bob’s Tombola where you can win prizes that range from a free design sheet chosen at random from the site to a £20 Voucher to spend on the site.

Card Making Competition – All the entries can be seen in the gallery which you can see by clicking -> here.  With the winner being announced on August 31st, the mailer sent out on the 26th August says “Every vote counts as the competition closes on Monday!”  Not sure at what time, but the system is still open to accept votes as I’m writing this, so please, if you are Craftforum members, pop into the competition gallery, have a good look, choose the card you think is shows off the cardmaker’s skills the best, and Place A Vote!


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)


Card in a magazine + CUP Discount, etc.

Card In Magazine:

Any of you got a subscription to, or buy the magazine “Complete Cardmaking” either regularly or occasionally?

Well in the supplementary magazine “craftsINprint” issue 3, that comes with issue 32 of “Complete Cardmaking”,  I’m one of the cardmakers in the “Cardmaker spotlight” on page 15.  There’s a short piece about me and an example of one of the cards I’ve made.  It’s a simple card I made using the design ” Red flowers card front pyramid” by Eva Cano.

Here’s a picture of the card, but please click on the link above to take a better look at the sheet I used and the finished card, together with details of how I made it.

Red flowers card front pyramid

CUP Update:  

Craftsuprint Discount –  Yes – Discount!!  Hip Hip Hooray!  There’s a whopping 20% discount available for purchases from the craftsUprint site at the moment – until 31st August 2011 at Midnight GMT.  Simply type the word ‘PRINTS’ into the REDEEM VOUCHER box on the basket page BEFORE you check out then click UPDATE BASKET to save a whopping 20% off your total order value!

CUP Newsletter Mailer – The latest E-mail update from craftsUprint (26th Aug.) can be seen by clicking -> here. It contains information about the discount, the brand new printing service, new “Triangle-Dangle Cards” designed by Christine Crowther, the card-making competition, etc.

Card Making Competition – All the entries are in and you can go and look at the gallery to see them by clicking -> here.  With the winner being announced on August 31st the mailer says “Every vote counts as the competition closes on Monday!”, so please, if you are Craftforum members, pop into the competition gallery, have a good look, choose the card you think is shows off the cardmaker’s skills the best, and Place A Vote!


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)


Some CUP News

I had hoped to be uploading the pictures of some of my jewellery creations today.  I started making a couple of pieces last night.  Unfortunately my fingers just haven’t been co-operating today so the pieces are half finished.  So something for the next post I think.

I had thought that perhaps I’d give writing a blog post a miss for today, but then I saw the latest news from CUP HQ.

CUP Update:  

Craftsuprint Printing Service –  Yes – you read it right!  “Printing Service”.  This is a new service offered by craftsUprint that means that you can now choose to have designs that you like printed out professionally on high quality gloss paper and posted to you – wherever you are in the world!

This new service means that those who don’t like, or are not able, to work with digital downloads, or those who’s printer doesn’t give them the quality they like for those special cards,  can now have access to the thousands upon thousands of the designs that are available on the CUP website, but have only been available as digital downloads up until now.  This includes design sheets, backgrounds and inserts.  I’m not sure about the kits at the moment.  I need to have a closer look at the site to check.

For those of you who want to find out more – there’s a brief introduction to the service to be find on the CUP site -> here.

CUP Newsletter Mailer – The latest E-mail update from CUP (24th Aug.) can be seen by clicking -> here.  Of course it contains news of the printing service, but there is so much more in it – for instance, one of the CUP Premier Designers, Sandie Burchell, has come up with a new format “3D Diamond Base Card Kits” which slot together and fold flat for posting.  There are some lovely designs already up on the CUP site, which you can see by clicking -> here.

Card Making Competition – Voting is now in full swing to find the winner of the competition to make any Pet Themed card using any download from Craftsuprint.  You can go and look at the gallery to see all the entries by clicking -> here.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)


A5 Card Front (Post 2) & Some CUP Info


I’ve already made one post highlighting some A5 cards I’ve made where most of front element comes off one sheet with a main card front with some additional bits to layer.  You can see this post by clicking -> here.

Here’s the next installment of this type of card, and please check back at my blog regularly as I’ve got some more to show you.

1New baby quick card front  2Baby Hand  3Welsh Mini Cooper Decoupage On Welsh  4Books Card Front  5Dad’s White Shirt with Blue and Green Striped Tie

  1. New baby quick card front by Sharon Poore (The page front is a little smaller than A5 in this case, but it works well as an A5 card leaving a border.  The main teddy image has a second layer that I’ve stuck on with foam tape.  The little elements are the most fiddly things to cut out but they could be left off if too difficult for you and one of the greetings panels from the sheet used instead.)
  2. Baby Hand by Linda Whittles (This is a simple, one layer card front.  The sheet also includes some greetings ovals that could be used as a greeting inside.)
  3. Welsh Mini Cooper Decoupage On Welsh Flag by Nick Bowley (I’m Welsh, so when I saw the design sheet I used to make this card I had to have it.  I stuck the card front onto a red A5 card to frame it.  The fiddly bit of this card are the two extra layers of the mini, but they are not too difficult, and one or both could be left off if you want.)
  4. Books Card Front by Russ Smith (The extra layers of the books are not too difficult to cut out and it comes with two book spines with greetings.  But as I’m Welsh I wanted a Welsh greeting – ” Llongyfarchiadau” which is Welsh for Congratulations – to use the card to congratulate somebody for hitting the books and passing their exams – I’m sure lots of you have need of such a card as friends and family members get their exam results.)
  5. Dad’s White Shirt with Blue and Green Striped Tie by Julene Harris (Very easy cutting for this one as the tie and the knot are easy shapes.  A great card for somebody starting a new job, or even a “Good Luck” card for somebody going for an interview.)

1Lion Card Front Pyramid Design  2She was proud of her borders. Dog gardener. Wavy Stacker  3parrot quick card front with pyramage  4Daffodil with purple flowers  5Farm Kids 2

  1. Lion Card Front Pyramid Design by Amy Cummings (The central image topper is built up with straight edged pyramid layers, so no problem with the cutting of this one.  The sheet has some greetings panels as well.)
  2.  She was proud of her borders. Dog gardener. Wavy Stacker by Susan Alison (The wavy edge of the stacker is the most difficult bit to cut out on any of the cards on display here, and that isn’t hard to cut at all.  It’s a lovely image of a sheepdog in a garden.)
  3. Parrot quick card front with pyramage by Michelle Johnson (This one is another with pyramid layers for the central image, so again easy cutting.)
  4. Daffodil with purple flowers by Eva Cano (Did I mention I’m Welsh?  So you know I’ve got to love daffodils – it’s the law LOL!  I love purple flowers as well.  This card has easy to cut side stacker layers with a wavy edge.  The sheet also comes with several greetings panels.)
  5. Farm Kids 2 by Carol Brown (As this is a decoupage card with all the animal layers with their legs and horns to cut out this is probably the most fiddly card in today’s post.  It is of course up to you how many layers you choose to use.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer If you haven’t already signed up for your four free downloads and put your name on the mailing list to get the regular mailer from CUP sent directly to your inbox – here – then you can see an online copy of the latest mailer (22nd August) by clicking -> here.  There’s a lot of variety in the type of items showcased this time – a “Tea Light Candle Card Kit”; a cutting file to make “Spiral Flowers”; lots of Christmas cards in the form of “3D SNOWGLOBE PYRAMAGE CARD KITS”, as well as more traditional looking Christmas cards; some steppers, easels, bookmark cards, etc.

Card Making Competition – The competition to make any Pet Themed card using any download from Craftsuprint is now closed for entries.  You can go and look at the gallery to see all the entries by clicking -> here.  And yes!  for those of you who are wondering – I have put in an entry this month again.  And no!  I’m not telling you which one it is until after the close of voting.  The competition is suppose to be anonymous so you’ll just have to wait – although there’s nothing stopping you having a good look at all the cards, and clicking through to see the descriptions of how the cards were made as well as a larger image of the card, to see if you can guess which is mine.  If you are a member of Craftforums then you can place a vote for the one you think the card maker has done the best job of.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)


2 Golden Wedding Cards


In my last post I said that there were several projects that I needed to work on.  Amongst them was the creation of “two Golden Wedding cards”.  Well I’ve now made them and they are ready to give to the recipients at the end of this week, so I thought I’d show them to you now – as there’s little chance of the recipients actually reading this blog.

This first card was a commission request – Golden Wedding Card, no bigger than A5 in size and not too deep so that it would go through the post, but that was a little bit different to what I’d done before.  So here’s a photo of the finished work, which the person who’d requested it was very pleased with.

Golden Wedding Card 02

“Penblwydd Priodas Hapus” is Welsh for “Happy Wedding Anniversary”

The second Golden Wedding Anniversary card I made was for me to give to my parents.  I made it very big and quite dimensional.  The size is 5cm smaller than an A3 (as I scored and folded 5cm of the front card to fold over the back piece and stick in place and then trimmed 5cm off the back piece).  I put a boxed flower plaque element on the front but put it to the bottom edge so that it helps support the card standing up rather than being a weight dragging down the card front.  Here’s a photo of the whole card.

Golden Wedding 02 card 06cs
(If you click on the image above a larger version should open)

The following pictures are closeup images of some of the areas of the card.  The only sheets of card used in making this were several A3 sheets of 300gsm Centura Pearl Snow White card and a couple of A4 gold, linen textured, card-stock.  There’s a brief description of how each was made below.

1Golden Wedding 02 card 01  2Golden Wedding 02 card 05b  3Golden Wedding 02 card 02b  4Golden Wedding 02 card 03b  5Golden Wedding 02 card 04c

(Click on the thumbnail images to see a much larger image, then click the “Back” in your browser to come back here please.)

  1. Central boxed flower plaque element – used a Glitter Girls board to emboss the plaque and the oval shape to cut out of the front.  Used a Hougie Board to score to create the boxes and to create the main card.  Used Glitter Girls and flexi-bend peel-offs and made my own paper flowers from translucent parchment and iridescent vellum.  All the flowers are three layers punched out using the same flower punch and shaped with an embossing tool, the parchment ones having their petals tipped with a gold metallic marker and the vellum ones having a small faux gem stuck in the base.
  2. Greetings banner – again used a Glitter Girls embossing board.  As I didn’t have all the wording peel-offs I wanted in gold I used the same gold metallic marker over the wording for this and the next two items as I used to tip the flower petals in feature 1.  Also used the same pen to highlight some areas (not got a very steady hands at the best of times but were really shaky by the time I reached this stage of the making).  This is stuck onto the card using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.
  3. Dad a Mam panel – another Glitter Girls board again to emboss the circular panels. Used a gold metallic marker on the wording, as mentioned in previous description, and used one of the flowers as per feature one.  The panel was stuck on using the same 2mm deep tape as well.  Used the same Glitter Girls corner peel-offs as I’d used for the boxed panel on the card base to frame the panel.
  4. Wedding ring and 50 panel – same as feature 3.
  5. Fan panel – Used a circle form the Glitter Girls template for making a round box to get the size of the textured gold panel and used a paper doily, folded in half and concertinaed for the fan.  This was finished off with a flower created the same as feature 1 as well.  And once again the 2mm deep tape was used to stick it in place and the same corner peel-offs to frame.

CUP Update:  

Card Making Competition – The closing date for uploading an entry into the August 2011 Pet Themed Card Making Competition was yesterday (20th August) so the voting should soon start.  Please click – here – to have a look at all the entries, and if you are a member of Craftforums then please have a really good look at each entry (by clicking on the thumbnail to go to the larger image) before deciding who gets your votes.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here – Please do click through to have a look periodically as I add several batches every month.
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)


Lots of Cards and Other Things

Lots of Cards

How many are required for cards to be classified as “Lots of Cards”? – 50, 100, 150, 200 …..?

I recon that, in the last 18 months I’ve made “Lots of Cards”.

My gallery of photos of finished items that I’ve got up on craftsUprint currently includes:

740 items

Of course, not all of them have been cards.  I’ve used backgrounds to make boxes with gift tag, display stands for jewellery, box/card combinations, and bags.  These are just one each of each of those different types of things.

1Celtic background blue on blue  2Faded Elegance Paper in Lilac  3Celtic background purple 24Soft Pink Bed of Roses - Background Paper

  1. Celtic background blue on blue by Sheila Rodgers
  2. Faded Elegance Paper in Lilac by Rebecca Brindley
  3. Celtic background purple 2 by Sheila Rodgers
  4. Soft Pink Bed of Roses – Background Paper by Julene Harris

And things like these I use with my other crafting hobby of making various Jewellery items, many of which are presented in the boxes for giving as gifts for birthday’s and Christmas.



I had thought of picking an assortment of cards as well to show you, but rather than me picking out lots of examples of my work to showcase in this blog post, why don’t you go to have a look at the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here

(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards and click through the various pages.)

Why don’t you pick out some of your favourites and leave me a comment to say which ones they are?


And are these 740 items made using digital designs downloaded from craftsUprint the only ones I’ve made during those 18 months?

Oh No!

There’s been lots of Christmas cards made by recycling old cards to be sold to help the Sunday School at our chapel.  Also over 60 Christmas cards of my own design for us to send out as a family last year.  Designed to be a simple reminder of the Nativity story with a wax seal star holding a verse from the Bible about the star the wise men followed, all on a dark coloured background sparkling with a glitter spray.

Christmas Card 2011

There’s also been the special cards – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, Parent’s Birthdays, etc.  Many of these you will already have seen in various posts if you are regular readers of my blog.

And the projects currently whizzing around my brain waiting for them to come together into proper ideas –

a congratulations card, two Golden Wedding cards, and the big batch of Christmas cards for us to send out as a family this year … …  I Really do need to get my brain in gear don’t I?

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer The latest mailer from CUP of the 19th August can be seen by clicking – here.  As usual there are lots of designs for you to consider buying and making, as well as other news from CUP HQ.

Competition  –  The competition to create “any Pet Themed card using any download from Craftsuprint!” now has over 60 entries, with five days to go to the closing date for entries on the 20th August.  You can see those already entered by going to the competition gallery – here.


A5 Card Front (Post 1) & Some CUP Info

It’s been a while since I did one of my themed posts, drawing in photos of cards I’ve made over time in a particular style or from a particular designer.  Today I decided to look back on designs I’ve used to make A5 cards.  There are a wide variety of image styles suitable for so many occasions, so please do have a read.  Remember that you can click on each thumbnail image to have a look at a larger picture of the card, and you can click on the links underneath each batch to get taken to the page that shows the design sheet I used, together with a medium sized image of the card.  Remember to come back to here after looking, and then have a read of the little piece of info about craftsUprint that follows.


There are many sheets on CUP that contain a card front that fits an A5 card (sometimes a little bit smaller, depending on your printer and whether it prints edge to edge or leaves a white border, but none look out of place on an A5 base card).  These come with a variety of different styles of “topper” elements to build up on top to give dimension and are great for making quick cards without having to go looking for many extras, although they can be further embellished if you wish.  They can also be used as toppers, when matted and layered possibly, on larger A4 cards.

1Gorgeous Floral Display Panel Card  2Yellow Floral Topper on Card Front  3A Christmas Birth With Card Front  4Roses Are Red  5Pink and White Roses with Jewelled Bow

  1. Gorgeous Floral Display Panel Card Sheet by Ammie Sanders (A lovely image that I’ve used as a Welsh Get Well card.  The panels are easy to cut out and easy to put together while being something a little different.)
  2. Yellow Floral Topper on Card Front by Barbara Alderson (A whole card front that has a pyramid topper at the centre.  Straight edges to cut and easy to put together.  A great card for many occasions.)
  3. A Christmas Birth With Card Front by Diane Furniss (This is a Christmas card with a pyramid of a different shape.  The cutting isn’t very intricate as the shape is more large curves rather than fine details.)
  4. Roses Are Red by Deborah Davies (This is another card front with a pyramid central topper, this time one with easy to cut oval layers.  A card for many occasions, including Valentine’s Day.)
  5. Pink and White Roses with Jewelled Bow by June Young (This card front is a little smaller than an A5 size, but as you can see it doesn’t look out of place on an A5 card with just a little embellishment around the side.  The pyramid is circular on this card.)

1Fisherman slider  2Bubble Boy quick card  3All at Sea- wavy penny slider  4Noahs Ark Deckle Edge Corner Stacker  5Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet

  1. Fisherman slider by Kristin Guyer (This topper has a slider for the fish to move along the front.  I used a strip of clear acetate to pull the fish and make it move.  Cutting the fish out is the most intricate piece of cutting required for this card.)
  2. Bubble Boy quick card by Chris Harland (There is a bit of ins and outs to cutting this, but it isn’t particularly intricate, and you can leave out some layers or chop off bits if you find them too difficult.  I used white Flower Soft and glaze to decorate which gives a lot of texture without having to put on lots of layers.)
  3. All at Sea- wavy penny slider by Sue Foord (The ship has a few ins and outs of cutting but isn’t the most difficult thing I’ve cut out.  The wavy penny slider slot is best cut with a craft knife.)
  4. Noahs Ark Deckle Edge Corner Stacker by Emma Bee (Straight and deckle edge cutting for this one, so nothing too difficult.  Its a quick and easy card to make that looks a bit different. This topper is a little smaller than the A5 card it is stuck to but I think it looks good with the card framing it.)
  5. Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (Easy, straight edges only, to cut and make, but it’s a lovely card to send the happy couple on their marriage.)

Remember to come back and have a look at my blog regularly as I try to post something a few times a week.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer The latest mailer from CUP, dated 17-8-11, can be seen by clicking – here.  There are a nice variety of style of digital downloads being highlighted this time, from paper flowers to cutting files, from bookmarks to backing sheets, from alphabets to toppers, and more.  There’s sure to be something for everybody, so why don’t you go and have a look if you haven’t received the mailer via E-mail.

Crafty Bob’s Tombola –  Do you know that there’s an entry to Crafty Bob’s Tombola for every customer of the craftsUprint site for every order that they place.  So if you place 3 orders for digital downloads from the site (minimum order £5) you will get 3 entries to the Tombola.  And the really great thing is that every entry wins something.  Yes Every Entry Wins.  The prizes range from a “Free Download” to a “Gift Voucher” which can range anywhere from £1 to £20.  Have a look – here – for more information and the latest wins.  I’ve currently got a £3 voucher waiting for me to spend.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)


Cards & Jewellery – More August Creations


Managed to put together a small number of cards today, although I have to admit that I’d printed them several days ago, and had cut them out on another day as well.

1Blue fabric flower card  2Winter scene 002  3Winter Blue Plaid Insert  4Rose Basket Birthday or Mothers Day  5Labrador puppy dog Pyramid

  1. Blue fabric flower card by Sarah Lake (The whole card, inside and out, is printed onto one sheet.  A bit of ins and outs cutting for the flower layers, but nothing really intricate.  A sweet little card that could also be used as a gift card.)
  2. Winter scene 002 by Astrid Spijkers (Only straight cutting for this design so easy to make.)
  3. Winter Blue Plaid Insert by Susan Heanes (This is a very generic design that could be used in so many cards.  I used it with the Winter scene card shown next to it and as an inset.)
  4. Rose Basket Birthday or Mothers Day by Vicki Avcin (The most intricate layer to cut for this card is the final one that just includes the basket of flowers.  The other layers are straight and oval cutting.)
  5. Labrador puppy dog Pyramid by Janet Briggs (The sheet with this pyramid on has so m any layers I decided to make two cards from it by using every other layer on this card and then matting the second largest layer onto gold card and building up a second card the same way.)

1Fluffy 01  2Fluffy 02

1. & 2. Both cards, although very different in styles, come from one sheet – Fluffy by Deborah Davies (Only straight and round cutting for both cards so both are easy to make with no intricate cutting.  The base image is just matted onto linen textured silver card for the first card and then stuck onto a fancy edge ready prepared card using 2mm deep double sided foam tape, putting the same silver card behind the front so that it shows through the cut-outs.  The other card is made with the pyramid layers.  I used a paper doily as the first mat for the larger card, using the silver linen textured silver card again as a larger mat.)


These are two sets of jewellery I made from the same pack of beads.

  • Image 1 in both batches of images is of the full set.
  • Image 2 is of the necklace.
  • Image 3 is of the earrings.
  • Image 4 is of the bracelet.

1Jewellery Set 06  2Necklace 05  3Earings 02  4Bracelet 08

1Jewellery Set 07  2Necklace 06  3Earings 03  4Bracelet 09

CUP Update: 

Competition  –  The competition to create “any Pet Themed card using any download from Craftsuprint!” now has over 50 entries, with five days to go to the closing date for entries on the 20th August.  You can see those already entered by going to the competition gallery – here.

CUP Mailer – The latest mailer, out 15th August, has now been sent out.  A copy can be seen by clicking -> here. Remember that you can get this mailer sent directly to your mailbox by going – here – and entering your E-mail details.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)


Facebook, CUP & Craftforums, and Cards

Today is by way of a posting of some thoughts, information and maybe even a sermon, but you will find some pictures of cards towards the end so please read through.


I believe that many of the readers of my little blog are amongst my friends on Facebook (See me here on FB if you are not already amongst my FB Friends). Many, if not all, of you will already be aware that I use FB to connect with the wider crafting community as health and disability issues mean I can’t get out and about as I would like to craft stores and craft fairs, etc.

I just love to see the stunning cards, jewellery, and other crafting creations that my FB friends have made, and to hear about your experiences with different crafting products and techniques, and find out which demonstrators will be on the craft programs on TV, doing what, at what time, etc.  And as well as viewing other people’s work I post links to digital design sheets I’ve used to make my cards, as well as posting pictures, on various craft groups, of finished handcrafted items I’ve made, for others to see.

But one thing I don’t do is play games on FB, so please don’t be insulted if I don’t join in or respond to requests from you with regards to various games and apps.  I know I’m not the only one amongst my FB friends who’ve made the same choice as me and keep away of such things. I hope that those who like using these FB add-ons continue to enjoy doing so, but respect my right to chose not to.

Mind you, there are problems with using sites like FB, so I’m as appreciative as anybody of receiving genuine information about the rogues and scams that appear on the site, and am so impressed by the genuine caring nature amongst the FB community who really want to help keep their fellow FB members from falling into the traps that the nasty element of society are creating every day, – BUT 99% of the time, if something says “this is not a hoax” – it is a hoax! So sometimes I do wish that FB members would actually check that something is true and think of the consequences of blindly copying warning posts.

I’m thinking of some warnings I’ve seen passed around lately about people of a certain name being a paedophile who’s grooming children – but a quick search for that name on FB brings up a dozen or more people with the same name.  Which one is the genuine paedophile, if any?  Are not 11 or more genuinely nice people having their name dragged through the mud for something they haven’t done?  Sometimes you see posts like this saying that such and such a police force know about it and issued the warning, but a check shows there’s absolutely nothing on their site. If one of those dozen or more profiles was really suspect then why isn’t a link put in to that particular one with the warning.  There wouldn’t be any ambiguity then.  Then there’s the warnings not to accept a friend with a certain name because it’s a virus that will wipe everything (what “everything” is isn’t clarified).  Again, many genuine people on FB with the same name, and I bet that their FB friends are still happily browsing FB without having lost anything.  I know that many of those who copy do so in the belief that what is said is genuine – people believe that the friend who’s got it on their wall has already checked so there’s no need for them to do so.  Don’t assume, do a quick check yourself.  And if it is true but the original post is unclear, ambiguous, or doesn’t have a link to somewhere it refers to then put it right before re-posting.

There’s a post doing the rounds this week that’s a mixture of a little bit of reality (we should all be aware of what we’ve set as our privacy settings) with a lot of rubbish (no matter what the wording implies, the phonebook feature is nothing new and sinister that FB have suddenly introduced to publish every phone number).  I’m sure you’ve all seen it! :

“PHONE NUMBERS OF ALL are now on Facebook! No joke – go to the top right of the screen, click on Account, then click on Edit Friends, Then go to the far left of the screen and click on Contacts. All phone numbers are published. Please repost this on your Status, so your friends can remove their numbers and thus prevent abuse.
please check yours people ..this isnt a hoax

  • Is this true?  As this stands it isn’t strictly true.  Facebook hasn’t suddenly got hold of the phone numbers of everybody in the world, or even everybody who’s a FB member.  You can see more information about the reality of this by clicking -> here and here.
  • Are all phone numbers published?  No.
  • If you have connected your mobile phone to your FB account could the contacts from your phone be seen on your FB page?  Yes, by you! if you synchronized your phone number data between mobile and FB.
  • If you follow the instructions to look at your list of friends contact details will you see phone numbers?  Yes, but not of everybody on FB, not even all your FB friends.  The list contains those amongst your FB friends, and possibly friends of those FB friends, who’ve set their privacy settings to show their phone number to Friends, Friends of Friends, Everybody, etc.  Also any contacts you’ve imported yourself from your phone if you’ve done this.  I can see the phone numbers of around 70 of my 600 FB Friends listed, but remember, some people actually want their phone number available to all on FB because their page is for their business and they’ve put their business, not their private number there.
  • Do we need to check our privacy settings? Yes. We should Always Be Aware of our FB privacy settings, and think objectively about what we want and what we don’t want visible to others.  My thoughts on phone numbers – set to “Only Me” – if people are close enough friends to be phoning  you then you’ve probably already given them your number or they’d have another way to get if from you.  And as for making it visible to Friends of Friends and Everybody – unless it’s strictly a business number then why would anybody outside your intimate group of friends need it?
  • Is it a good idea to check out exactly what you agreed to if you’ve used the features to sync your mobile phone contacts with your FB Phonebook?  Of course.  It may not publish them to the whole world, but it does say it will use the information to suggest people on FB you may know as friends, so FB is doing some cross referencing, and it does tend to want your contacts who are not already FB members to become FB members.

To make sure that nobody you don’t want to see your phone number gets to see it you need to check your privacy settings:

Click “Account”.
From drop down menu select “Privacy preferences”
Click “Customise settings”
Scroll down to the section about “Contact information” and click on the drop down box by your phone number selecting “Custom”
In the box that opens you have several choices.  The safest is to select “Only me”.  If you have a small number of friends who you are comfortable having your number then you can select “Specific people…” and put in their names (though if you think about it you’ll realise that if they are close enough friends for you to let them see your number they probably already have your number and won’t need to look it up on FB).
While you are checking your Privacy settings have a look that you are happy with the other settings as well.

If you want to check up on malware and hoaxes, here are some useful sites and FB pages you should check out: Sophos FB page; Sophos Naked Security site; Hoax-Slayer FB page; Facecrooks FB page;

Is everything I’ve said above true? It is to the best of my knowledge when writing.  If I find out any information that contradicts this you can be sure I’ll put it in my next post with references.  And please, if you find anything out, please post the details and links in the comments below.

CUP & Craftforums:

Craftforums – is a forum site for crafters and is a sister site to the popular craftsUprint. It is a great place interact with not only crafters but designers.  It’s got an area where you can ask designers if they can come up with a design sheet or kit using a particular theme or particular image or design.  Where else do you find such direct interaction between designers and the end users of their designs?

CUP LogocraftsUprint (CUP) – is a  site that allows designers of all sorts of digital material to sell their designs as digital downloads and receive a percentage of the sale price depending on their designer level.  The site also allows one customer per design to upload pictures of their finished crafted item to sit on the page with the design itself.  These pictures are there, with descriptions of how they were made, to help sell the designs, and the CUP Registered Card Maker BadgeRegistered Crafter who uploaded their picture also gets a small commission per sale, this time dependant on the crafter’s level.  (We use to be called Registered Card Makers, hence the title on the badge).  The crafter’s level is dependant on how many photographs he or she has uploaded to CUP and had validated.  I’m currently a Gold level Registered Crafter.

Competition  –  There’s still until the 20th August for anybody who wants to enter this month’s Pet Themed card-making competition.  You can see those already entered by going to the competition gallery – here. The rules are also visible at the top of the same page for anybody who’s interested in entering. Once the entries are all in the voting will start, with the winner being announced on August 31st.

I do hope that this time all voters actually take a look at every card carefully before deciding who to give their votes to.  You can’t see the workmanship of any card properly from the thumbnail in the gallery, you need to click through to see a larger image and also to see whether things like a description and the cup number of the sheet used to make the card has actually been uploaded (and as the rules say “PLEASE ENTER THE CUP NUMBER WITH YOUR UPLOAD.” I’d say that putting up the cup number is actually a requirement along “using any download from Craftsuprint!”).  You know, there were over 200 votes cast last time – you can see a gallery from the July competition – here.  Have a look in the statistics under each card and you’ll see that the “Views:” were under 200 in the vast majority of cases.  If these statistics are correct it means that a lot of the voters had decided who to give their vote to without actually “viewing” the majority of cards entered.  I’m puzzled at what their criteria of choosing a “winning” card is – it obviously isn’t choosing the best conceived and best created card put up by any card maker.

Mailer – The latest update mailer of the 12th August from CUP can be seen by clicking – here.  If you are one of the organised crafters looking for ideas for Christmas then there are a few items for you in the mailer.  And if you like digital stamps then there are a few of those for you as well.


Earlier in this post I said I was now a Gold level Registered Crater with craftsUprint.  I started uploading photos of finished cards way back in February 2010.  I thought that what I’d do today was show you pictures of ten of the first cards I uploaded.  There are different levels of difficulty in cutting out amongst these, with some being pyramids and easy to cut out and some having some intricate cutting of decoupage items.  Hatches, Matches and Dispatches are all covered.

1Blue Card with Dog  23 Asters Mandala  3Nozzitellious  4Firez  5The Bride on her day

  1. Blue Card With Dog by Diane Furniss
  2. 3 Asters Mandala by Diana Hutchinson
  3. Nozzitellious by Jolis DeAngelis
  4. Firez by Jolis DeAngelis
  5. The Bride on her day by Angela Wake

1When Words Fail Teardrop Card  2Lovely Horse in a frame with Pyramids  3Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet  4Victorian Roses Book Sheet  5Baby Blue Book

  1. When Words Fail Teardrop Card by Carol Clarke
  2. Lovely Horse in a frame with Pyramids by Nick Bowley
  3. Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards
  4. Victorian Roses Book Sheet by Russ Smith
  5. Baby Blue Book by Carol Brown


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)