Competition Entry & My Latest Cards

craftsUprint Cardmaking Competition

Over the last few posts I promised to show you which was my entry in the craftsUprint “July 2011 Male Birthday Competition” for card makers as soon as the voting was completed and the winner was announced.  Well here’s a picture of my entry:-

Male Birthday Competition Entry

Did you guess correctly which one was mine?  If you click – here – you can read how I made the card. The sheet I used from CUP was the “Horse and Tractor Zigzag Stacker” by Sarah Edwards.  Thank you to those who gave my card their vote, and also thank you to those who’ve left such nice comments under the card.

What about the card that won the competition, which you can see by clicking – here – was it your favourite?  When you had a look through the gallery of entries did you pick it as the entry that best showed a cardmaker’s skills? Or did another card get your vote?

My Latest Cards

1Edges on blue background  2What a cow  3Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Fox Cub  4Sheep

  1. Edges on blue background by Sally McIntyre (This card is a bit different to my usual style of card.  I raided my crafty stash to pick out an assortment so it’s got flowers and feathers and butterflies on it, as well as some faux gems.  As it is simply a background sheet printed onto good quality card-stock, trimmed and scored before folding in half to make a tent-fold base card before being randomly decorated with embellishments it is a simple card to make.)
  2. What a cow by Sally McIntyre (A straight edged pyramid that’s easy to use.  In addition to the “What a cow” pyramid I used the background “Almost jewels 30” on this card.)
  3. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Fox Cub by Judith Flavel and Someplace Backing Paper 2 by Carol Lepard (With the background being straight cut and the topper being a round cut there is no intricate cutting involved in creating this card.  Even positioning the layers of the pyramid is easy as there’s a “raised” line on each layer where the next layer is to fit.)
  4. Sheep by Tom Curtis (The sheet I used to make this is just full of toppers of the same image in different sizes, and all are straight cut so easy to use to make quick and simple cards, or they can be further embellished to make more ornate cards.)


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)