Cards & Jewellery – 2nd Week in August


Only three new cards to show you this time.  One was easy to make as the pieces were cut out using my CraftROBO, the other two had some fiddly, landlocked, areas to cut out, so not quite so easy to do, and difficult for anybody with dexterity problems.

1Strawberry Print and CUT  2Floating Deckchair  3Babys crib

  1. Strawberry Print and CUT by Luanne Collins (This design is from a Print and Cut, cutting file for the CraftROBO so no intricate cutting involved.  The sheet has lots more strawberry themed toppers so please click through on the link to see them all.)
  2. Floating Deckchair by Diana Hutchinson  (There is a bit of intricate tugging involved in cutting out the landlocked areas within the deckchair frame, so it isn’t the easiest of cards to make if you have any dexterity problems, especially as there are two deckchairs to cut out for the front and back of the floating image, and they need to match up when cut out.)
  3. Babys Crib by Angela Wake (The most difficult pieces to cut out on this design are the little heart shaped, landlocked areas, in the headboard of the crib.  I used a craft knife and a lot of care to get these pieces out.)


Only two pieces of jewellery this time.  Hands have been playing up and it took me a week to get the necklace done as I couldn’t apply enough pressure to the crimp beads to keep the floating beads in place.

1Comb 01  2 Necklace 04

  1. A hair comb decorated with pearl effect flowers and round beads and small seed beads.
  2.  This is a simple necklace of seven beads floating on a gold tigertail wire, with crimp beads and gold crimp bead covers on either side of each bead. This photo doesn’t do the beads justice as they have a really lovely, rich red, satin finish to them.

CUP Update: 

Competition  –  Even though the closing date for entries is the 20th August, there are a lot of crafters who are quick off the mark this time with over 30 entries already in.  You can see those already entered by going to the competition gallery – here. The rules are also visible at the top of the same page for anybody who’s interested in entering. Once the entries are all in the voting will start, with the winner being announced on August 31st.

Craftsuprint Gift Vouchers – If you are looking for a little, or not so little, gift for a friend who’s into crafting then have you considered a Craftsuprint Gift Vouchers.  The vouchers come in values from £5 to £50 and can be found on the craftsUprint site -> here. Don’t forget that it isn’t just card makers that the CUP site caters for – there are designs for knitting and cross stitch, all sorts of papercraft designs including scrapbooking, in addition to kits, sheets, inserts, backgrounds, etc., for card makers.  Of course you could forget the friends and start dropping hints now amongst family members that you want a really big voucher as a gift for Christmas!


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)