Facebook, CUP & Craftforums, and Cards

Today is by way of a posting of some thoughts, information and maybe even a sermon, but you will find some pictures of cards towards the end so please read through.


I believe that many of the readers of my little blog are amongst my friends on Facebook (See me here on FB if you are not already amongst my FB Friends). Many, if not all, of you will already be aware that I use FB to connect with the wider crafting community as health and disability issues mean I can’t get out and about as I would like to craft stores and craft fairs, etc.

I just love to see the stunning cards, jewellery, and other crafting creations that my FB friends have made, and to hear about your experiences with different crafting products and techniques, and find out which demonstrators will be on the craft programs on TV, doing what, at what time, etc.  And as well as viewing other people’s work I post links to digital design sheets I’ve used to make my cards, as well as posting pictures, on various craft groups, of finished handcrafted items I’ve made, for others to see.

But one thing I don’t do is play games on FB, so please don’t be insulted if I don’t join in or respond to requests from you with regards to various games and apps.  I know I’m not the only one amongst my FB friends who’ve made the same choice as me and keep away of such things. I hope that those who like using these FB add-ons continue to enjoy doing so, but respect my right to chose not to.

Mind you, there are problems with using sites like FB, so I’m as appreciative as anybody of receiving genuine information about the rogues and scams that appear on the site, and am so impressed by the genuine caring nature amongst the FB community who really want to help keep their fellow FB members from falling into the traps that the nasty element of society are creating every day, – BUT 99% of the time, if something says “this is not a hoax” – it is a hoax! So sometimes I do wish that FB members would actually check that something is true and think of the consequences of blindly copying warning posts.

I’m thinking of some warnings I’ve seen passed around lately about people of a certain name being a paedophile who’s grooming children – but a quick search for that name on FB brings up a dozen or more people with the same name.  Which one is the genuine paedophile, if any?  Are not 11 or more genuinely nice people having their name dragged through the mud for something they haven’t done?  Sometimes you see posts like this saying that such and such a police force know about it and issued the warning, but a check shows there’s absolutely nothing on their site. If one of those dozen or more profiles was really suspect then why isn’t a link put in to that particular one with the warning.  There wouldn’t be any ambiguity then.  Then there’s the warnings not to accept a friend with a certain name because it’s a virus that will wipe everything (what “everything” is isn’t clarified).  Again, many genuine people on FB with the same name, and I bet that their FB friends are still happily browsing FB without having lost anything.  I know that many of those who copy do so in the belief that what is said is genuine – people believe that the friend who’s got it on their wall has already checked so there’s no need for them to do so.  Don’t assume, do a quick check yourself.  And if it is true but the original post is unclear, ambiguous, or doesn’t have a link to somewhere it refers to then put it right before re-posting.

There’s a post doing the rounds this week that’s a mixture of a little bit of reality (we should all be aware of what we’ve set as our privacy settings) with a lot of rubbish (no matter what the wording implies, the phonebook feature is nothing new and sinister that FB have suddenly introduced to publish every phone number).  I’m sure you’ve all seen it! :

“PHONE NUMBERS OF ALL are now on Facebook! No joke – go to the top right of the screen, click on Account, then click on Edit Friends, Then go to the far left of the screen and click on Contacts. All phone numbers are published. Please repost this on your Status, so your friends can remove their numbers and thus prevent abuse.
please check yours people ..this isnt a hoax

  • Is this true?  As this stands it isn’t strictly true.  Facebook hasn’t suddenly got hold of the phone numbers of everybody in the world, or even everybody who’s a FB member.  You can see more information about the reality of this by clicking -> here and here.
  • Are all phone numbers published?  No.
  • If you have connected your mobile phone to your FB account could the contacts from your phone be seen on your FB page?  Yes, by you! if you synchronized your phone number data between mobile and FB.
  • If you follow the instructions to look at your list of friends contact details will you see phone numbers?  Yes, but not of everybody on FB, not even all your FB friends.  The list contains those amongst your FB friends, and possibly friends of those FB friends, who’ve set their privacy settings to show their phone number to Friends, Friends of Friends, Everybody, etc.  Also any contacts you’ve imported yourself from your phone if you’ve done this.  I can see the phone numbers of around 70 of my 600 FB Friends listed, but remember, some people actually want their phone number available to all on FB because their page is for their business and they’ve put their business, not their private number there.
  • Do we need to check our privacy settings? Yes. We should Always Be Aware of our FB privacy settings, and think objectively about what we want and what we don’t want visible to others.  My thoughts on phone numbers – set to “Only Me” – if people are close enough friends to be phoning  you then you’ve probably already given them your number or they’d have another way to get if from you.  And as for making it visible to Friends of Friends and Everybody – unless it’s strictly a business number then why would anybody outside your intimate group of friends need it?
  • Is it a good idea to check out exactly what you agreed to if you’ve used the features to sync your mobile phone contacts with your FB Phonebook?  Of course.  It may not publish them to the whole world, but it does say it will use the information to suggest people on FB you may know as friends, so FB is doing some cross referencing, and it does tend to want your contacts who are not already FB members to become FB members.

To make sure that nobody you don’t want to see your phone number gets to see it you need to check your privacy settings:

Click “Account”.
From drop down menu select “Privacy preferences”
Click “Customise settings”
Scroll down to the section about “Contact information” and click on the drop down box by your phone number selecting “Custom”
In the box that opens you have several choices.  The safest is to select “Only me”.  If you have a small number of friends who you are comfortable having your number then you can select “Specific people…” and put in their names (though if you think about it you’ll realise that if they are close enough friends for you to let them see your number they probably already have your number and won’t need to look it up on FB).
While you are checking your Privacy settings have a look that you are happy with the other settings as well.

If you want to check up on malware and hoaxes, here are some useful sites and FB pages you should check out: Sophos FB page; Sophos Naked Security site; Hoax-Slayer FB page; Facecrooks FB page;

Is everything I’ve said above true? It is to the best of my knowledge when writing.  If I find out any information that contradicts this you can be sure I’ll put it in my next post with references.  And please, if you find anything out, please post the details and links in the comments below.

CUP & Craftforums:

Craftforums – is a forum site for crafters and is a sister site to the popular craftsUprint. It is a great place interact with not only crafters but designers.  It’s got an area where you can ask designers if they can come up with a design sheet or kit using a particular theme or particular image or design.  Where else do you find such direct interaction between designers and the end users of their designs?

CUP LogocraftsUprint (CUP) – is a  site that allows designers of all sorts of digital material to sell their designs as digital downloads and receive a percentage of the sale price depending on their designer level.  The site also allows one customer per design to upload pictures of their finished crafted item to sit on the page with the design itself.  These pictures are there, with descriptions of how they were made, to help sell the designs, and the CUP Registered Card Maker BadgeRegistered Crafter who uploaded their picture also gets a small commission per sale, this time dependant on the crafter’s level.  (We use to be called Registered Card Makers, hence the title on the badge).  The crafter’s level is dependant on how many photographs he or she has uploaded to CUP and had validated.  I’m currently a Gold level Registered Crafter.

Competition  –  There’s still until the 20th August for anybody who wants to enter this month’s Pet Themed card-making competition.  You can see those already entered by going to the competition gallery – here. The rules are also visible at the top of the same page for anybody who’s interested in entering. Once the entries are all in the voting will start, with the winner being announced on August 31st.

I do hope that this time all voters actually take a look at every card carefully before deciding who to give their votes to.  You can’t see the workmanship of any card properly from the thumbnail in the gallery, you need to click through to see a larger image and also to see whether things like a description and the cup number of the sheet used to make the card has actually been uploaded (and as the rules say “PLEASE ENTER THE CUP NUMBER WITH YOUR UPLOAD.” I’d say that putting up the cup number is actually a requirement along “using any download from Craftsuprint!”).  You know, there were over 200 votes cast last time – you can see a gallery from the July competition – here.  Have a look in the statistics under each card and you’ll see that the “Views:” were under 200 in the vast majority of cases.  If these statistics are correct it means that a lot of the voters had decided who to give their vote to without actually “viewing” the majority of cards entered.  I’m puzzled at what their criteria of choosing a “winning” card is – it obviously isn’t choosing the best conceived and best created card put up by any card maker.

Mailer – The latest update mailer of the 12th August from CUP can be seen by clicking – here.  If you are one of the organised crafters looking for ideas for Christmas then there are a few items for you in the mailer.  And if you like digital stamps then there are a few of those for you as well.


Earlier in this post I said I was now a Gold level Registered Crater with craftsUprint.  I started uploading photos of finished cards way back in February 2010.  I thought that what I’d do today was show you pictures of ten of the first cards I uploaded.  There are different levels of difficulty in cutting out amongst these, with some being pyramids and easy to cut out and some having some intricate cutting of decoupage items.  Hatches, Matches and Dispatches are all covered.

1Blue Card with Dog  23 Asters Mandala  3Nozzitellious  4Firez  5The Bride on her day

  1. Blue Card With Dog by Diane Furniss
  2. 3 Asters Mandala by Diana Hutchinson
  3. Nozzitellious by Jolis DeAngelis
  4. Firez by Jolis DeAngelis
  5. The Bride on her day by Angela Wake

1When Words Fail Teardrop Card  2Lovely Horse in a frame with Pyramids  3Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet  4Victorian Roses Book Sheet  5Baby Blue Book

  1. When Words Fail Teardrop Card by Carol Clarke
  2. Lovely Horse in a frame with Pyramids by Nick Bowley
  3. Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards
  4. Victorian Roses Book Sheet by Russ Smith
  5. Baby Blue Book by Carol Brown


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)