Cards & Jewellery – More August Creations


Managed to put together a small number of cards today, although I have to admit that I’d printed them several days ago, and had cut them out on another day as well.

1Blue fabric flower card  2Winter scene 002  3Winter Blue Plaid Insert  4Rose Basket Birthday or Mothers Day  5Labrador puppy dog Pyramid

  1. Blue fabric flower card by Sarah Lake (The whole card, inside and out, is printed onto one sheet.  A bit of ins and outs cutting for the flower layers, but nothing really intricate.  A sweet little card that could also be used as a gift card.)
  2. Winter scene 002 by Astrid Spijkers (Only straight cutting for this design so easy to make.)
  3. Winter Blue Plaid Insert by Susan Heanes (This is a very generic design that could be used in so many cards.  I used it with the Winter scene card shown next to it and as an inset.)
  4. Rose Basket Birthday or Mothers Day by Vicki Avcin (The most intricate layer to cut for this card is the final one that just includes the basket of flowers.  The other layers are straight and oval cutting.)
  5. Labrador puppy dog Pyramid by Janet Briggs (The sheet with this pyramid on has so m any layers I decided to make two cards from it by using every other layer on this card and then matting the second largest layer onto gold card and building up a second card the same way.)

1Fluffy 01  2Fluffy 02

1. & 2. Both cards, although very different in styles, come from one sheet – Fluffy by Deborah Davies (Only straight and round cutting for both cards so both are easy to make with no intricate cutting.  The base image is just matted onto linen textured silver card for the first card and then stuck onto a fancy edge ready prepared card using 2mm deep double sided foam tape, putting the same silver card behind the front so that it shows through the cut-outs.  The other card is made with the pyramid layers.  I used a paper doily as the first mat for the larger card, using the silver linen textured silver card again as a larger mat.)


These are two sets of jewellery I made from the same pack of beads.

  • Image 1 in both batches of images is of the full set.
  • Image 2 is of the necklace.
  • Image 3 is of the earrings.
  • Image 4 is of the bracelet.

1Jewellery Set 06  2Necklace 05  3Earings 02  4Bracelet 08

1Jewellery Set 07  2Necklace 06  3Earings 03  4Bracelet 09

CUP Update: 

Competition  –  The competition to create “any Pet Themed card using any download from Craftsuprint!” now has over 50 entries, with five days to go to the closing date for entries on the 20th August.  You can see those already entered by going to the competition gallery – here.

CUP Mailer – The latest mailer, out 15th August, has now been sent out.  A copy can be seen by clicking -> here. Remember that you can get this mailer sent directly to your mailbox by going – here – and entering your E-mail details.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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