A5 Card Front (Post 1) & Some CUP Info

It’s been a while since I did one of my themed posts, drawing in photos of cards I’ve made over time in a particular style or from a particular designer.  Today I decided to look back on designs I’ve used to make A5 cards.  There are a wide variety of image styles suitable for so many occasions, so please do have a read.  Remember that you can click on each thumbnail image to have a look at a larger picture of the card, and you can click on the links underneath each batch to get taken to the page that shows the design sheet I used, together with a medium sized image of the card.  Remember to come back to here after looking, and then have a read of the little piece of info about craftsUprint that follows.


There are many sheets on CUP that contain a card front that fits an A5 card (sometimes a little bit smaller, depending on your printer and whether it prints edge to edge or leaves a white border, but none look out of place on an A5 base card).  These come with a variety of different styles of “topper” elements to build up on top to give dimension and are great for making quick cards without having to go looking for many extras, although they can be further embellished if you wish.  They can also be used as toppers, when matted and layered possibly, on larger A4 cards.

1Gorgeous Floral Display Panel Card  2Yellow Floral Topper on Card Front  3A Christmas Birth With Card Front  4Roses Are Red  5Pink and White Roses with Jewelled Bow

  1. Gorgeous Floral Display Panel Card Sheet by Ammie Sanders (A lovely image that I’ve used as a Welsh Get Well card.  The panels are easy to cut out and easy to put together while being something a little different.)
  2. Yellow Floral Topper on Card Front by Barbara Alderson (A whole card front that has a pyramid topper at the centre.  Straight edges to cut and easy to put together.  A great card for many occasions.)
  3. A Christmas Birth With Card Front by Diane Furniss (This is a Christmas card with a pyramid of a different shape.  The cutting isn’t very intricate as the shape is more large curves rather than fine details.)
  4. Roses Are Red by Deborah Davies (This is another card front with a pyramid central topper, this time one with easy to cut oval layers.  A card for many occasions, including Valentine’s Day.)
  5. Pink and White Roses with Jewelled Bow by June Young (This card front is a little smaller than an A5 size, but as you can see it doesn’t look out of place on an A5 card with just a little embellishment around the side.  The pyramid is circular on this card.)

1Fisherman slider  2Bubble Boy quick card  3All at Sea- wavy penny slider  4Noahs Ark Deckle Edge Corner Stacker  5Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet

  1. Fisherman slider by Kristin Guyer (This topper has a slider for the fish to move along the front.  I used a strip of clear acetate to pull the fish and make it move.  Cutting the fish out is the most intricate piece of cutting required for this card.)
  2. Bubble Boy quick card by Chris Harland (There is a bit of ins and outs to cutting this, but it isn’t particularly intricate, and you can leave out some layers or chop off bits if you find them too difficult.  I used white Flower Soft and glaze to decorate which gives a lot of texture without having to put on lots of layers.)
  3. All at Sea- wavy penny slider by Sue Foord (The ship has a few ins and outs of cutting but isn’t the most difficult thing I’ve cut out.  The wavy penny slider slot is best cut with a craft knife.)
  4. Noahs Ark Deckle Edge Corner Stacker by Emma Bee (Straight and deckle edge cutting for this one, so nothing too difficult.  Its a quick and easy card to make that looks a bit different. This topper is a little smaller than the A5 card it is stuck to but I think it looks good with the card framing it.)
  5. Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (Easy, straight edges only, to cut and make, but it’s a lovely card to send the happy couple on their marriage.)

Remember to come back and have a look at my blog regularly as I try to post something a few times a week.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer The latest mailer from CUP, dated 17-8-11, can be seen by clicking – here.  There are a nice variety of style of digital downloads being highlighted this time, from paper flowers to cutting files, from bookmarks to backing sheets, from alphabets to toppers, and more.  There’s sure to be something for everybody, so why don’t you go and have a look if you haven’t received the mailer via E-mail.

Crafty Bob’s Tombola –  Do you know that there’s an entry to Crafty Bob’s Tombola for every customer of the craftsUprint site for every order that they place.  So if you place 3 orders for digital downloads from the site (minimum order £5) you will get 3 entries to the Tombola.  And the really great thing is that every entry wins something.  Yes Every Entry Wins.  The prizes range from a “Free Download” to a “Gift Voucher” which can range anywhere from £1 to £20.  Have a look – here – for more information and the latest wins.  I’ve currently got a £3 voucher waiting for me to spend.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)