2 Golden Wedding Cards


In my last post I said that there were several projects that I needed to work on.  Amongst them was the creation of “two Golden Wedding cards”.  Well I’ve now made them and they are ready to give to the recipients at the end of this week, so I thought I’d show them to you now – as there’s little chance of the recipients actually reading this blog.

This first card was a commission request – Golden Wedding Card, no bigger than A5 in size and not too deep so that it would go through the post, but that was a little bit different to what I’d done before.  So here’s a photo of the finished work, which the person who’d requested it was very pleased with.

Golden Wedding Card 02

“Penblwydd Priodas Hapus” is Welsh for “Happy Wedding Anniversary”

The second Golden Wedding Anniversary card I made was for me to give to my parents.  I made it very big and quite dimensional.  The size is 5cm smaller than an A3 (as I scored and folded 5cm of the front card to fold over the back piece and stick in place and then trimmed 5cm off the back piece).  I put a boxed flower plaque element on the front but put it to the bottom edge so that it helps support the card standing up rather than being a weight dragging down the card front.  Here’s a photo of the whole card.

Golden Wedding 02 card 06cs
(If you click on the image above a larger version should open)

The following pictures are closeup images of some of the areas of the card.  The only sheets of card used in making this were several A3 sheets of 300gsm Centura Pearl Snow White card and a couple of A4 gold, linen textured, card-stock.  There’s a brief description of how each was made below.

1Golden Wedding 02 card 01  2Golden Wedding 02 card 05b  3Golden Wedding 02 card 02b  4Golden Wedding 02 card 03b  5Golden Wedding 02 card 04c

(Click on the thumbnail images to see a much larger image, then click the “Back” in your browser to come back here please.)

  1. Central boxed flower plaque element – used a Glitter Girls board to emboss the plaque and the oval shape to cut out of the front.  Used a Hougie Board to score to create the boxes and to create the main card.  Used Glitter Girls and flexi-bend peel-offs and made my own paper flowers from translucent parchment and iridescent vellum.  All the flowers are three layers punched out using the same flower punch and shaped with an embossing tool, the parchment ones having their petals tipped with a gold metallic marker and the vellum ones having a small faux gem stuck in the base.
  2. Greetings banner – again used a Glitter Girls embossing board.  As I didn’t have all the wording peel-offs I wanted in gold I used the same gold metallic marker over the wording for this and the next two items as I used to tip the flower petals in feature 1.  Also used the same pen to highlight some areas (not got a very steady hands at the best of times but were really shaky by the time I reached this stage of the making).  This is stuck onto the card using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.
  3. Dad a Mam panel – another Glitter Girls board again to emboss the circular panels. Used a gold metallic marker on the wording, as mentioned in previous description, and used one of the flowers as per feature one.  The panel was stuck on using the same 2mm deep tape as well.  Used the same Glitter Girls corner peel-offs as I’d used for the boxed panel on the card base to frame the panel.
  4. Wedding ring and 50 panel – same as feature 3.
  5. Fan panel – Used a circle form the Glitter Girls template for making a round box to get the size of the textured gold panel and used a paper doily, folded in half and concertinaed for the fan.  This was finished off with a flower created the same as feature 1 as well.  And once again the 2mm deep tape was used to stick it in place and the same corner peel-offs to frame.

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