A5 Card Front (Post 2) & Some CUP Info


I’ve already made one post highlighting some A5 cards I’ve made where most of front element comes off one sheet with a main card front with some additional bits to layer.  You can see this post by clicking -> here.

Here’s the next installment of this type of card, and please check back at my blog regularly as I’ve got some more to show you.

1New baby quick card front  2Baby Hand  3Welsh Mini Cooper Decoupage On Welsh  4Books Card Front  5Dad’s White Shirt with Blue and Green Striped Tie

  1. New baby quick card front by Sharon Poore (The page front is a little smaller than A5 in this case, but it works well as an A5 card leaving a border.  The main teddy image has a second layer that I’ve stuck on with foam tape.  The little elements are the most fiddly things to cut out but they could be left off if too difficult for you and one of the greetings panels from the sheet used instead.)
  2. Baby Hand by Linda Whittles (This is a simple, one layer card front.  The sheet also includes some greetings ovals that could be used as a greeting inside.)
  3. Welsh Mini Cooper Decoupage On Welsh Flag by Nick Bowley (I’m Welsh, so when I saw the design sheet I used to make this card I had to have it.  I stuck the card front onto a red A5 card to frame it.  The fiddly bit of this card are the two extra layers of the mini, but they are not too difficult, and one or both could be left off if you want.)
  4. Books Card Front by Russ Smith (The extra layers of the books are not too difficult to cut out and it comes with two book spines with greetings.  But as I’m Welsh I wanted a Welsh greeting – ” Llongyfarchiadau” which is Welsh for Congratulations – to use the card to congratulate somebody for hitting the books and passing their exams – I’m sure lots of you have need of such a card as friends and family members get their exam results.)
  5. Dad’s White Shirt with Blue and Green Striped Tie by Julene Harris (Very easy cutting for this one as the tie and the knot are easy shapes.  A great card for somebody starting a new job, or even a “Good Luck” card for somebody going for an interview.)

1Lion Card Front Pyramid Design  2She was proud of her borders. Dog gardener. Wavy Stacker  3parrot quick card front with pyramage  4Daffodil with purple flowers  5Farm Kids 2

  1. Lion Card Front Pyramid Design by Amy Cummings (The central image topper is built up with straight edged pyramid layers, so no problem with the cutting of this one.  The sheet has some greetings panels as well.)
  2.  She was proud of her borders. Dog gardener. Wavy Stacker by Susan Alison (The wavy edge of the stacker is the most difficult bit to cut out on any of the cards on display here, and that isn’t hard to cut at all.  It’s a lovely image of a sheepdog in a garden.)
  3. Parrot quick card front with pyramage by Michelle Johnson (This one is another with pyramid layers for the central image, so again easy cutting.)
  4. Daffodil with purple flowers by Eva Cano (Did I mention I’m Welsh?  So you know I’ve got to love daffodils – it’s the law LOL!  I love purple flowers as well.  This card has easy to cut side stacker layers with a wavy edge.  The sheet also comes with several greetings panels.)
  5. Farm Kids 2 by Carol Brown (As this is a decoupage card with all the animal layers with their legs and horns to cut out this is probably the most fiddly card in today’s post.  It is of course up to you how many layers you choose to use.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer If you haven’t already signed up for your four free downloads and put your name on the mailing list to get the regular mailer from CUP sent directly to your inbox – here – then you can see an online copy of the latest mailer (22nd August) by clicking -> here.  There’s a lot of variety in the type of items showcased this time – a “Tea Light Candle Card Kit”; a cutting file to make “Spiral Flowers”; lots of Christmas cards in the form of “3D SNOWGLOBE PYRAMAGE CARD KITS”, as well as more traditional looking Christmas cards; some steppers, easels, bookmark cards, etc.

Card Making Competition – The competition to make any Pet Themed card using any download from Craftsuprint is now closed for entries.  You can go and look at the gallery to see all the entries by clicking -> here.  And yes!  for those of you who are wondering – I have put in an entry this month again.  And no!  I’m not telling you which one it is until after the close of voting.  The competition is suppose to be anonymous so you’ll just have to wait – although there’s nothing stopping you having a good look at all the cards, and clicking through to see the descriptions of how the cards were made as well as a larger image of the card, to see if you can guess which is mine.  If you are a member of Craftforums then you can place a vote for the one you think the card maker has done the best job of.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)