Some Cards From Early September


These are what I’ve made so far this week –

With my niece passing her driving test I needed to make two cards to give her, one from my parents and one from me.  So the first two cards are what I came up with.

The third card is me starting to experiment to decide what design I want to use on the main batch of cards we send out as a family.  I have some criteria I’m working to.  No intricate cutting, straight lines or rounded curves only.  The design must work as it is while still allowing room for the addition of further touches if I feel like it. The design must have some nativity element on it, but have some ornate elements as well.  The overall card must not be bigger than A5 or too deep to go through the ordinary Letter slot in the Post Office, as there’s no way we want to be paying for a Large Letter stamp on all the cards we’ll have to post. This is just the one, of the several ideas I’ve been working out in my head, that I’ve actually made up so far using a design sheet from craftsUprint.

1Funky Car No-Hole Over the Edge n spiral pyramid  2Funky Car Fan Pyramage Topper  3Mary and Baby Jesus pyramid

  1. Funky Car No-Hole Over the Edge n spiral pyramid by Carol Clarke (The whole card design is on one sheet and is all straight edge cutting, so easy to make and no need to go looking for anything else to make the card unless you want to.  I decided to do a little matting and layering and stuck the base layer of the spiral pyramid onto a linen textured gold mat.  I also added peel-offs.)
  2. Funky Car Fan Pyramage Topper by Carol Clarke (Although the pyramage on this card is in a fan design it isn’t particularly difficult to cut out or make up, just straight and gently rounded edges for cutting, and a guide of which pieces to stick where and in what order is included on the sheet.)
  3. Mary and Baby Jesus pyramid by Eva Cano (Two keep the profile of the card low to go through the ordinary letter slot I only used two of the circles on the pyramid and stuck them in place using 1mm deep double sided foam tape.  I used a Sakura Clear Stardust pen and some pearlescent glue drops to further embellish.  And with the straight cutting for the base, card front, layer, and round cutting for the pyramid layers, I think it will be a reasonably easy card for me to do many copies of.  And I could use deeper foam tape and perhaps add a real bow to cards that we won’t have to post.  I think that there are lots of areas I could play around with the embellishment to make lots of different versions of card from one basic design.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – Lots of beautiful kits and sheets for the card maker being shown in the latest E-mail to be sent out by the craftsUprint team.  There’s also news of one designer doing well in his GCSEs, another designer’s holiday snap, a crafter turning Gold with 500 photos of finished cards uploaded to the site, etc.  See a copy of the mailer of the 7th September by clicking -> here.

Card Competition – The competition for September is now open for entries to be uploaded.  As the mailer says, “the theme for September is Teenage Boy Cards”.  The basic rules are “Make any Birthday Teen Boy card using any download from Craftsuprint!”.  You can see the full rules on the gallery page for the competition by clicking -> here – there are already a small number of entries uploaded for you to look at.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)