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Blogs & Websites:

I often like to have a look around at what other crafters have been making, especially when my health/disability issues are playing up and I can’t actually put glue to card to make up my own creations at the time.

The “Gallery” in Craftforums is a great place to see photos of crafted items.  And members don’t just have to upload pictures of crafted items created using digital downloads from the main craftsUprint site.  You’ll find pictures of all sorts of crafts from cakes and knitting to matchstick models, even pictures from the holidays that some members have been on.  It’s a real community Gallery.

Then there’s the craft and card making groups on Social Network sites such as Facebook.  Some of these are geared to selling either finished crafted items and some to selling the materials to make crafted items, but there are groups that don’t like members posting nothing but items for sale, or materials or digital designs to make cards, but rather concentrate on group members uploading pictures of their completed crafted work.  Facebook is a great medium for showing off any sort of crafting work, from digital downloads to completed work, but it is polite to check the theme of a crafting group before merrily posting lots of links to groups where to do this is inappropriate.  Then, of course, if you become Facebook Friends with crafters you’ll get the chance to see pictures of their crafts that they upload.

But today I want to introduce you to a small number of Blogs and Websites of some of my fellow Craftforum members.  Some are designers and some are crafters.  Some post regularly, and some only post occasionally when they feel like it, but all have some information on either design sheets or kits you may like to use, or pictures of cards you may like to have a look at.

Carol Clarke:

– Is a Premier Designer on craftsUprint.   You can see her designs by clicking – here.  These are just a small number of the over 60 of her designs that I’ve used:

1Flowers And Pearls Quick Card Twisted Spiral Side Stacker  2Pirates Ahoy Quick Card With Wavy Spiral Side Stacker  3Just Roses Quick Card with Wavy Corner side stacker Topper

  1. Flowers and Pearls Quick Card Twisted Spiral Side Stacker
  2. Pirates Ahoy Quick Card with Wavy Spiral Side Stacker
  3. Just Roses Quick Card with Wavy Corner side stacker Topper

You can see her blog by clicking – HERE.

 Tracy Priddle:

– Is a Registered Crafter on craftsUprint.  You can see the cards she’s made by clicking – here.

 You can see her blog by clicking – HERE.

Vicki Avcin:

– Is a Premier Designer on craftsUprint.   You can see her designs by clicking – here.  Here are some items I’ve made using her designs:

1Wales Desktop Calendar  2Scottish Red Kilt Groom Wedding  3Rose Basket Birthday or Mothers Day

  1. Wales Desktop Calendar (Although my version was for 2011, Vicki has now uploaded the calendar sheets for 2012 that can be used with any of her Desktop Calendar kits, which you can get by clicking – here.)
  2. Scottish Red Kilt Groom Wedding
  3. Rose Basket Birthday or Mothers Day

  You can see her blog by clicking – HERE.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – The latest mailer sent out by craftsUprint (12th September) is showcasing a nice variety of designs for crafters once again.  There are some lovely “Back to Front 3D Card Kits” created by Tina Fitch, various Easel cards, Shelf cards, calendars for 2012, 8in x 8in decoupage, pyramage, etc.

There’s even a call for crafters to send in their photos if they would like to appear in the next edition of the craftsINprint magazine. (This magazine now comes with every edition of the “Complete Card Making on your PC” magazine.

You can see the full mailer by clicking – here.

Card Competition – There are already 17 entries up in competition gallery for the “September 2011 Birthday Teen Boy Competition” as I’m typing this.  You can see them all by clicking -> here.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.