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Christmas Cards and Boxes:

I know!  Some people think that Christmas starts too early – and I’d actually agree as far as the celebrating and the push of Christmas gifts in the shops are concerned.  But as far as crafting is concerned then the production of a huge amount of cards and gifts (if you make some of your own hand crafted gifts) means that we have to start thinking about Christmas, and start making things, very early.  Many I’m sure will be well on their way towards their total number of cards needed by now I’m sure.

I’ve made a small number of Christmas cards already, but I’ve now started going back through my catalogue of digital downloads to choose some of my favourites Christmas cards to make some more of again this year.  Although some modern cards, in different colour schemes, go in and out of fashion, lots of cards, especially those with a nativity scene, never go out of fashion.  And with digital downloads the toppers themselves can be made into lots of different looking cards so you need never make any two cards exactly the same, unless you are batch card making and want to make a matching set.

Here are some of my favourites:

1Cute Angel Globe 2Mary and Jesus3Stained Glass Angel Twisted Pyramid  4Christmas Kings5A Christmas Birth With Card Front

  1. Cute Angel Globe by  Denise Rhodes (As the angel is enclosed in the globe there’s no intricate cutting out around the wings or anything difficult to cut on the main image.  The ribbon element doesn’t have to be added if this is too intricate to cut for you.)
  2. Mary and Jesus by Karin Johansson (The sheet has the front and the back of Mary and Jesus so is great for an acetate window card like this.  Although there is a lot of cutting involved most of it is quite rounded cutting.)
  3. Stained Glass Angel Twisted Pyramid by  Sheila Rodgers (Again, only straight edges to cut to make this lovely twisted pyramid card.)
  4. Christmas Kings by Allison Finegan (I love the effect of decoupage and with this card the pieces were relatively easy to cut out because of the simplicity of the shapes. A nice card for a child I think.)
  5. A Christmas Birth With Card Front by Diane Furniss (A different shape of pyramid but the shape wasn’t particularly intricate to cut out.)

1Christmas Bells 1 A5 Cut And Fold  2THREE KINGS semi EASEL CARD3Heavenly Angel Blessings - Pyramid4God Bless you at Christmas Mary in the Manger5Christmas Angel waterfall

  1. Christmas Bells 1 A5 Cut And Fold by June Harrop (This card is quick to make and only requires straight cutting.  It can be decorated up with glitter or bows, and can be used for a winter wedding as well as Christmas).
  2. THREE KINGS semi EASEL CARD by Clive Couter (This card didn’t require any cutting by hand as it is a Craft Robo sheet.  It can be folded either way so the Three Kings can be facing either way.  The sheet is great because it cut so cleanly that the Three Kings cut out from this card can be used as silhouettes on another card.)
  3. Heavenly Angel Blessings – Pyramid by Julene Harris (Only straight lines to cut for this card, and with eight layers provided you can make two cards from each sheet by alternating the layers between each card to still give a card with dimension but can still go through the post as an ordinary letter if the largest layer is stuck directly to the base card and the other three layers are attached with 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.)
  4. God Bless you at Christmas Mary in the Manger by Sally McIntyre (I used a craft knife to cut half of each of the side images and a scissors to cut out the main card and pyramid layers.  It’s a card that is all in on the sheet so doesn’t need a base card found if it is printed onto reasonably sturdy card-stock.)
  5. Christmas Angel waterfall by Sue Foord (Straight cutting with a scissors and making holes with a pokey tool are all that are needed for this card, although you can cut out the smaller angels as embellishments you don’t have to if you find them too fiddly to cut out.)

1Elegant Christmas Holly Parcel Lottery Wallet Card  2Elegant Christmas Holly Parcel Lottery Wallet Card  3Snowflakes on Cream Gradient  4Gold Stars Cracker Shaped Treat or Favour Box  5Gold Snowflakes Cracker Shaped Treat or Favour Box

  1. Elegant Christmas Holly Parcel Lottery Wallet Card by Carol Clarke (In the past I’ve given gifts of Lotto tickets or scratchcards in an envelope with some Christmas stickers put on to decorate.  I think that these wallet cards are a much nicer way to present them as a small, fun, gift.  The ribbon and bow decoration make them look like a small parcel and makes them look like a special gift.)
  2. Elegant Christmas Holly Parcel Lottery Wallet Card by Carol Clarke (This is another version of the previous item, this time with red instead of gold ribbon.   Hush!  Don’t tell the family that they are all getting one [well all the family that are old enough, not the little boys].  Hope the recipients are lucky and feel like sharing with me. )
  3. Snowflakes on Cream Gradient by Karen Adair (Another easy to make box made using a backing sheet printed onto card.)
  4. Gold Stars Cracker Shaped Treat or Favour Box by Carol Clarke (These little boxes are great for packing up a little gift, such as a pair of earrings.  Straight cutting only, and can be used at all times of year.)
  5. Gold Snowflakes Cracker Shaped Treat or Favour Box by Carol Clarke (This design may be a bit more Christmassy but could still be used for treats for a winter birthday party.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – A copy of the latest mailer, sent out 26th September, can be seen by clicking – here.  There is a brand new discount code available for a “whopping 20% off your total order value!” of items bought from craftsUprint.

Despite the mailer saying “Code Expires: 20th September 2011 at Midnight GMT”,
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So don’t think you’ve missed out on this fantastic deal and order now.

As per usual you’ll find lots of cards and card kits being highlighted, along with bits of news from craftsUprint and the Designers and Crafters who use the site.

Card Competition – With a total of 47 entries from around the world the voting is now open for Craftforum members to decide on which is the best entry.  The winner is to be announced on September 30th.  The theme this month was “Birthday Teen Boy Competition”, so even if you are not a voting member of Craftforums you may still like to go and look at the entries, by clicking -> here – as you may well find inspiration for your own card making within the entries.


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