Square Toppers – Post 6; and CUP Update


Square Toppers It’s been a while since I looked at cards I’d made using square toppers of one kind or another, but this is the 6th post I’ve made highlighting cards like this.

You can see the first one – here; the second – here; third – here; the fourth one – here, and the fifth one – here.

Please have a look through the following sets of images and click on the links below each set to see the design sheets I used to make them.

1For a chocolate lover  2Sweet Desserts Pyramid Sheet  3Coffee time Fan Pyramage Topper  4Champagne for 2

  1. For a chocolate lover by Linda Whittles (The chocolate looks as if it could be picked off the card and eaten as it is decoupaged and shaped.  As we are dealing with chunky pieces they are not difficult to cut out so this is an easy, but dimensional, card to make.)
  2. Sweet Desserts Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (Yummy!  A simple to cut pyramid design covered in lovely desserts.)
  3. Coffee time Fan Pyramage Topper by Carol Clarke (Time for a cuppa!  Simple to cut out layers that build up, fan like, to give the dimension to this card.)
  4. Champagne for 2 by Deborah Davies (Perhaps champagne is more your tipple.  Another simple to cut out and put together card with pyramage style layers to build up the dimension.)

12 shaped pyramid cards soft pink vintage roses  2Spring Flowers Cut and Fold Card  3White oriental lily  4Proud Red Poppy  5Hot Air Balloon Pyramid Sheet

  1. 2 shaped pyramid cards soft pink vintage roses by Sally McIntyre (Zig-zagged edges may take a bit of time to cut but are not intricate or difficult.  It just gives a different look to this pyramid topper.)
  2. Spring Flowers Cut and Fold Card by Carol Clarke (This is a simple print, cut and fold card so nothing difficult in the creation, but it can be embellished however you wish.  You could even take the front of the card to use as a topper on a larger square or rectangular card.)
  3. White oriental lily by Sally McIntyre (I quite like the different effect that having the gold edges to each of the pyramid layers gives to the finished card.  Another easy to cut and put together card.)
  4. Proud Red Poppy by Sue Turner (I actually made two cards from one pyramid card sheet, splitting the layers between both the cards.  Again they were easy to cut out and put together.)
  5. Hot Air Balloon Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (This design is also an easy to cut and put together pyramid.  A lovely, bright, image I’m sure you’ll agree.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – Another mail has been sent out from CUP HQ today (Monday 3rd October) and you can see it by clicking – here.

You’ll see lots of different designs for using in your cardmaking as well as photos of the cards that were declared winners in the September Card Making Competition and further news from CUP land, such as the marriage of one of the designers.  So please do go and have a read if you haven’t already received it via E-mail.


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