Christmas Cards – Recycled and Made Using Die Cut Elements

Hip Hip Hooray!  Looks like the company have sorted things out and my blog is now back up.  Hope it remains up.

I must admit that I haven’t done a lot of crafting during the last fortnight, and what I have done has mostly been using ready printed and die cut sheets, as I just didn’t feel up to cutting things out with my aching hands.  So I haven’t add anything to the gallery of cards I’ve got up on the craftsUprint site lately, but you may still like to click through – here – to see the 750+ cards I’ve already got up there.

Forgoing the hand cutting meant that I was able to push myself a bit with decorating this first card.  I made it for a “Victorian era challenge” taking place on one of the craft related groups I belong to on Facebook.

Vintage Look Card

Sticking on the lace wasn’t too difficult as it came with the ruffled edge, but the tiny sticky back faux pearl gems were a nightmare, even using a pokey tool to move and place them.

Recycled Christmas Cards:

I’ve made Christmas Cards in the past by recycling the images off the front of cards we had received as a family for previous Christmases, as well as used ones that friends had passed on to me.  But I was looking for some different way to make them up this year, rather than just cut out rectangles from the card fronts and stick them to the front of the closest sized ready scored and folded cards.  So I came up with the idea of making them all oval.

No hand cutting, but used a X-Cut shape cutter on a glass mat to cut all the ovals (much less painful on my hands, although even with that I could only do a few at a time and I’ve still got quite a few to do again).

I decided to make the final card size the same for all the cards so that I could just buy a pack of envelopes that fit and not have to go searching for different sized envelopes or have to make my own.

I decided to use a mat of either silver or gold linen textured card-stock on every card as well as using some ultra fine crystal glitter somewhere on every card (a glittery effect without having to worry about matching glitter colours for different images).

These are some I’ve made already (the fine glitter isn’t particularly obvious in the pictures but twinkles when the card is moved in the light in real live).  You’ll need to click on the thumbnail images to have a real look at the cards in the larger image that opens:

 1Christmas Recycled 01   2Christmas Recycled 02   3Christmas Recycled 03

If you are wondering how these cards will stand up – well I cut ovals out of Centura Pearl Snow White card of exactly the same size as the card front.  These ovals were scored at 1.5cm from the top and 0.5cm from the bottom.  The top was attached to the back of the front with glue, and the small score at the bottom was folded to give a steadying ledge for the card to stand on without rolling all over the place (rocker cards may be a nice novelty, but a card rocking about on the mantelpiece amongst all the other cards at Christmas causes more trouble than they are worth.)

I hope these pictures show you what I mean:

1Christmas Recycled Concept 01   2Christmas Recycled Concept 02

Hunkydory Christmas Cards:

I spent an hour with my five year old nephew the Sunday before last making a few Christmas cards using die cut designs from Hunkydory.

 1Christmas Hunkydory 01  2Christmas Hunkydory 02

 The first picture shows two cards we made side by side.  The one on the left, with the snowman and Santa he made, and the one on the right with only a snowman I made (please click on the thumbnail images to see the larger image as you can’t see them properly in this small size).  Not a lot of difference in crafting standard between them I think.

The second card we worked on together, allowing him to pick bits from the box I’ve got all my Hunkydory Christmas stuff in.  He’s learning to read now and the “Ho Ho Ho” greeting was one he could read for himself so it’s the one he chose.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – There have been several mailers sent out by the craftsUprint team since I last had access to update my blog.  So here’s a list of the dates and the location where you can see them online:

5th October – here ;  7th October – here ;  10th October – here ;  12th October – here.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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