A5 Card Front (Post 3) & Some CUP Info


I’ve already made two post highlighting some A5 cards I’ve made where most of front element comes off one sheet with a main card front with some additional bits to layer.  You can see the first post by clicking -> here and the second by clicking -> here.

Here’s the next installment of this type of card, and please check back at my blog regularly as I’ve got some more to show you.

1Beautiful White Sparkle Fairy Card Front  2Silhouette Dancers on Roses  3Elegant Style  4Sporty Car Card Front  5White Wild Flower

  1. Beautiful White Sparkle Fairy Card Front by Ammie Sanders (A lovely fairy flying up after a butterfly that does have some cutting that’s more intricate than what I usually do.  I avoided the most intricate bit by not cutting out between the back and the wing.)
  2. Silhouette Dancers on Roses by Sheila Rodgers (As the extra layer is a silhouette some careful cutting is needed to make sure that no white bits are left around.)
  3. Elegant Style by Deborah Davies (This sheet doesn’t strictly include the whole card front, but the pieces provided are all that are needed to build up the card front.  Again this card has some more intricate cutting.)
  4. Sporty Car Card Front by Amy Cummings (Straight cutting only to make up this card so is one of the easiest of this first group to make.)
  5. White Wild Flower by Eva Cano (And another with only straight.)

1Stunning Floral 2 Corner Stacker 2Stunning Floral 2 Corner Stacker  3Stunning Floral 2 Corner Stacker  4Gorgeous Purple Fairy Card Front  5Chocolates on Chocolate Card

  1. Stunning Floral 2 Corner Stacker by Ammie Sanders (These corner stackers have rounded layers so are not difficult to cut out or make.)
  2. Stunning Floral 2 Corner Stacker by Ammie Sanders (Another of the same style cards as the previous one.)
  3. Stunning Floral 2 Corner Stacker by Ammie Sanders (And a third of the same style)
  4. Gorgeous Purple Fairy Card Front by Ammie Sanders (This card includes a straight edged pyramid, so an easy card to cut and make.)
  5. Chocolates on Chocolate Card by Helen Williams (Nothing difficult to cut out on this card either.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer Designs available to buy from craftsUprint that have been uploaded by Gold level designers are being showcased in the last mailer sent out.  You’ll also find a new CUP TV episode by Carol Clarke, as well as highlighting her new “Everlasting Calendar Bookmark Kits” – these are just some of the varied things to be seen in the mailer sent out on the 14th October.  You can have a look at the mailer by clicking – here.

Card Making Competition – The theme for the cards for entry into the October card making competition has been announced.  The details can be seen – here.  Basically it’s “Make any Christmas card using any download from Craftsuprint! Entry open until October 28th, Winner will be announced on October 31st.”  One difference to the rules this time is that the voting “will only be open to Registered Crafters & CUP Designers” this time, rather than every member of Craftforums.  Entries already uploaded can be seen by clicking – here.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

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